31 October 2011

Happy Halloween from a Happy Lady!

Happy halloween! Hope everyone is channeling the spooky vibes! What you you planning to do on this creepy eve?
I have had an amazing weekend full of wedding related fun. The engagement party on Saturday was an amazing success and everyone had a lovely time especially the fiancee and myself who were made to feel like absolute royalty on our special night by all of our favourite people :)
One particular hit of the evening was the DIY cocktail table that we arranged. We set up all of the ingredients and a recipe for three different favourite cocktails and encouraged guests to make their own drinks and fill them with umbrellas, straws and other fun accessories. Everyone fast became experts of course :P I would definitely recommend this idea for any grown up party, it was huge amounts of fun and really helped people get into the party mood :)
I haven't had a chance to upload the photos yet but I will be sure to share any particularly good/awful/ embarrassing snaps when I do :)
Toodles, Annie x

28 October 2011

Sorry for the neglect, I am a bad blogger!

Hi there. I have just seen how far back my last post was now and I have to say, I am incredibly ashamed of how neglectful I have been!
There's been a lot going on here in Bath and I've been doing a lot of travel across the country to Canterbury and back on a weekly basis. I've also started a new job which has been a breath of fresh air I can tell you and it has relieved a lot of stress!
I'm currently sorting the finishing touches for an engagement cocktail party so its all feeling very loved up and exciting here. I'll post a couple of photos on sunday to show off my handiwork and a fun little recipe for cookie dough treats. Those would be great to make with the kiddies!
Anyway, I'm going to love you and leave you for now, but not for long this time, I promise!
Annie x