17 August 2011

New home :)

Hello again lovely people,
I have to say, I am completely exhausted! Things have been non-stop since getting back from my lovely, relaxing holiday and finally, after months of searching, yesterday we finally found a new house and are now in the process of sorting everything out and getting the moving date confirmed :) May well have to have a bit of a clear out of the clothes and shoes lurking at the back of my wardrobe that are never worn so keep an eye out for an ebay link in my next post if you're looking for some cheap, designer shoes, handbags and unworn clothes :)
Hopefully, normal blogging will be resumed soon :)
Annie x

7 August 2011

Remember Me?

Hello again,
It feels like a life time has past since my last post so I thought I'd pop my head in quickly. Things are pretty busy here since I got home from our (AMAZING) holiday around europe which I will be making a few posts about in the next week or so; I've had a big order come in from my folksy shop, I've been working long hours and on top of that I've been completely worn down by two nasty infections in my chest and airways so I just haven't had time for my blog.
Anyway, I'm getting back on track now and will be clogging up the news feed once more :) Also on my to do list is write an essay for my wedding planning course, complete the order from my shop, sort and pack clothes for moving and spend a lovely, romantic evening with the OH to celebrate our anniversary :)
Ta ta for now, Annie :)