11 August 2016

Building the Best Ever Blanket Fort

I was recently approached by the lovely people over at SkinnyPop Popcorn who asked me what would make my idea of the best ever blanket fort. This is a question that I have spent too much of my adult life pondering because I am a sucker for anything cosy. The night my best friend turned her living room into a blanket fort and filled it with pizza and cards against humanity was just the best!
So what makes the best ever blanket fort?
Well, to begin with, you need your essentials! I think my list of essentials also has to include duvets though, because I like a little extra padding and cosiness for the floor! And the brighter and more eclectic the mix of blankets, the better.
Once you have the basics sorted, its all about creature comforts. It goes without saying that only people in pyjamas or a onesie are allowed into my blanket fort- I have no time for uncomfortable clothes at the best of times- and slipper socks and slipper boots get you bonus points!
Image found on Pinterest
For me, because blanket forts are all about being cosy and surrounded by comfort, fairy lights play a big part. For fire safety reasons, I would recommend LED lights because they don't get hot. I also find that battery operated fairy lights make the best choice because they can go anywhere you want them, without needing to worry about plugging them in to the wall! Nothing can beat lying back in your blanket fort and looking up at a sea of shimmering lights.
Board games! These have to be the activity of choice in my eyes! I love Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Cards Against Humanity, or to make it feel even more like and old school sleepover, how about a game of consequences? Whichever game, I love how social this can be be, especially when we are living in an age where technology is king, and we would usually all be sat around looking at our phones rather than interacting.
Image found on Pinterest
Snacks and drinks are the other big player in the blanket fort game. Due to a recent diagnosis, I am not longer able to really drink alcohol, and also have to avoid gluten and soya, so this does cut down on the snacking options rather, but that doesn't mean that all yummy things have to go out of the window. Popcorn is still a great choice, and totally the right snack to enjoy inside a blanket fort, you can also get plenty of gluten free tortilla chips, so nachos are another must have along with plenty of cheese and all the dips you can muster. Set these up at a snack station along with mocktail ingredients and you have my idea of perfect blanket fort feasting!

So that is what goes into creating the best ever blanket fort in my opinion. Classic, cosy and comfy :)

Annie x


  1. I love this Annie! I will be sure to use some of these tips next week when I'm off work with Deacon again. He loves a good blanket tent.

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