2 June 2013

MAC Baking Beauties Eclair Paint Pot Review

After my last MAC review which was less than positive, I simply had to show you the other product I bought that same day and instantly fell in love with; the Eclair Paint Pot which is part of the limited edition Baking Beauties collection.
MAC paint pots are already a firm favourite of mine due to the long lasting colour, crease proof formula and pretty colours and I could have happily bought all of the limited edition shades if my budget allowed...and still might have to go back for Moon Cake if it's still available when I get paid ;)

Eclair is a beautiful light chocolate shade with a gold pearl gleam running through it. In some lights it appears dark brown where as in others it's lit up and full of deep gold warmth.
The colour is very buildable and can either be used lightly and blended out for a fairly natural glow with a nude eye or worn heavier for a deep chocolatey look which I personally favour.
In terms of wear, I have no trouble wearing this colour across the lid as a thick liner and find that it does not crease at all even with no primer and it also doesn't fade. I usually use a dab of the Painterly paint pot to even out the colouring of the full lid then swipe this along the top. Its a really simple way to get a pretty, made up look without spending hours or having any maintenance.

Over all, I think this may actually be one of my favourite ever MAC products, and more than makes up for the nail varnish fiasco and I already know it will be worn to death. Eclair costs £14.50 and whilst it's sold out on the website, I've seen it on several MAC counters in stock over the last few days so it is still out there if you're quick! Similar shades you can get online that are similar though are Rubenesque (which does have shimmer) or Quite Natural and Groundwork (which are pretty chocolate shades with no shimmer) all of which are part of the permanent collection :)

What do you think of Eclair? Do you love the shade as much as I do? Have you used the Paint Pots before?

Annie xx


  1. Oh my this shade is gorgeous! Not surprised it's sold out online xx

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