21 July 2014

Nourish Golden Glow Toning Body Shimmer

Nourish is one of my favourite brands for natural, organic products. They always feel so indulgent as they are packed full of beautiful butters and oils. The Golden Glow Toning Body Shimmer* is no exception.
The idea of this product is that it helps give skin a warm, lightly shimmering, glow whilst keeping skin hydrated, balanced and helping to tone all in one go. A big ask!
The packaging is sleek and I love the simplicity of it. White and gold are one of my favourite colour combinations and sat on my white dressing table this looks in-keeping and feminine whilst also looking quite high-end.
The bottle has a pump dispenser that deposits enough product to massage into both arms and along collar bones if you press it down fully or if you press lightly you can get just a little product out.
The product itself has a rich, creamy texture and contains light reflecting particles (which are a nightmare to catch in a photograph!) and due to a combination of argan oil and aloe vera leaf juice sinks beautifully into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and silky smooth. It has a lightly incense like aroma coming from frankincense, myrrh and neroli oils which are all known for their positive effect on the senses- in fact, neroli is a natural antidepressant as it helps with the release of serotonin. 77% of the ingredients are organic, 6.5% are natural minerals and all are cruelty free!
I really like the finish that this product has on the skin. Instead of looking shiny, it just gives a warm glow which is subtle enough even on skin as fair as mine. When hit by the sun it lights up and really gives skin a healthy, luminous look. I've had several comments about how nice my skin has been looking whilst wearing this and I have to say that I see a real difference in the mirror and in photos. Another little trick I've been using is to mix a small dab into my foundation to give a dewy, fresh finish that also stops the foundation clinging to any dry patches.

Over all, I have been very impressed with the product. I wouldn't say that it is overly toning as it simply works to tone by keeping the skin well hydrated and the addition of a little gentle marine extract, but in my eyes, that isn't the main selling point of the product. The effect on the skin is beautiful and perfect for spring all the way through to autumn . Worn along arms, legs and collar bones it gives a long lasting glow, definition and warmth. A 100ml bottle will set you back £25.00 *here* and last you through the whole season, so in my opinion it is well worth investing.

What do you think? Will you be investing in a bottle?
Annie xx

11 July 2014

June Favourites 2014

So, I'm currently propped up in bed ill, with not enough energy to really allow me to do much more than watch Netflix and browse Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/lampysplace/ if you're interested in beauty, home decor and recipes). At least Lolly the Grumpy Kitty is enjoying having some company.

I've been a bit naughty lately and treated myself to new products from some of the limited edition MAC collections as well as a Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume, however, I'm trying not to feel too guilty because they have all become instant favourites, alongside several golden oldies that I have been loving lately.
I've mentioned the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid foundation (review *here*) many times before and it is a foundation that I still keep returning too when I want a nice even coverage that looks natural yet hides a multitude of sins. I went back to using this lately after the madness I had with the Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation (review *here*) and have fallen right back in love with it.
The first of my little MAC purchases was from the Disney Maleficent collection in the form of the sculpting powder in shade Sculpt which is a tan matte powder perfect for contouring along cheek bones for a defined look. Whilst it is now out of stock, the closest MAC bronzer I can find is *here*.
Its unfortunate but just an accepted fact that I sometimes have trouble with spot prone skin. I don't know why because I eat healthily, take care of my face and don't have excessively oily skin but I guess it's just one of those things. Nothing works as well for me as the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel (review *here*)which has been getting a lot of use during the last month as my skin grumps about the hot weather.
When the weather is warm I tend to avoid too much eye makeup because I find that it tend to smudge a little and just end up looking less pristine than I would like. This summer, instead, I have been sweeping on a couple of coats of the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara* (review *here*) which never fails to impress me with its results. It coats and lifts eyelashes instantly mking them look fuller and longer and the result lasts all day without smudging or clumping. Its a firm favourite.
My other naughty MAC purchase was the Mineralise Skinfinish Duo in Jolly Good (review in the next couple of days) from the Kelly Osbourne collection which is still in stock in a lot of stores so you can grab it if you're quick! This soft bronze powder is perfect for fair skinned girls like me who want to add a touch of warmth but nothing too dark. I either use it lightly all over for a glowing look or pair with the Maleficent powder to contour my cheek bones.
Finally, a perfume that I wanted for a long long time and finally bought myself a few weeks ago. Deep Red is a really warm, yet soft and sensual smell which is womanly without being overly sweet. Right now I can't get enough of it!

What have been your favourites recently? Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?

Annie xx

6 July 2014

Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation Review

Without a doubt, Seventeen is my favourite drugstore cosmetics brand. The quality of product for the price you pay is unbeatable in my mind. So, with that in mind, if I am looking for a new product and don't have too much to spend, the Seventeen stand is always my first stop off. In the past, I have never tried anything from the brand that I haven't been really impressed with... That was until I picked up a bottle of the Miracle Matte Foundation.
I picked this product up having tried and loved the Miracle Matte Pressed Powder (which I have actually repurchased several times now) thinking that for £5.99 I had little to lose, especially when I have had such positive thoughts about everything else. But if I am going to be completely honest, I actually hate this foundation.
Hate is a strong word and I'm not one to throw it about often but I can find virtually nothing positive about this foundation.
Let's start with the shades; there are very few. Now, I know that I am relatively fair skinned but having bought this in Natural which is the lightest shade available, there is no way anyone lighter than a MAC NC25 would be able to subtly wear this in my opinion, it is just too dark. Then there is the coverage, which goes on rather strangely to begin with, needing a lot of blending with both fingers and a brush to get it even and stop it going sticky(?!?) And then finally there is how the foundation wears... Even if by some miracle you find a shade that works for you and manage to get it to apply evenly, after several hours you will still find that the product has oxidised making it go orange and also somehow work its way into streaky lines so you resemble a somewhat suntanned zebra, which isn't a look many people find overly attractive.

I feel bad that I can't find anything good to say, so I will add that I like the packaging, which reminds me quite a bit of something you would expect from Benefit, but packaging doesn't make a product good so really that counts for very little.

Have you tried this product before, or any other Seventeen foundations? What were your thoughts?

Annie xx

1 July 2014

Lush "Granny Takes a Dip" Bath Bomb Review

This post was meant to go live on Friday but after a technology 'mare and time slipping away, here we are on Tuesday, oops!
Bath ballistics are the one product that really define Lush as a company, when you think of one, you think of the other. Personally, they have never been one of my favourites types of product sold in the store, however, there is no denying that they are a unique, exciting product that sets Lush apart from other more mainstream brands.

Granny Takes a Dip is one of the most recent offerings to be released. An amazingly bright tie-die effect bath bomb that is scented with ginger, pepper and lemon, Granny Takes a Dip is an wonderfully uplifting choice for summer. The blend of oils is designed to be perfect for lifting your mood, and giving your muscles that warm, relaxed feeling, without putting you to sleep and I found that the slight spicy kick took the edge off any over sweetness there my have otherwise been.
It swirled around the water, fizzing away fairly slowly, leaving a beautiful rainbow trail of colours in its wake, and due to the addition of a little cream of tartar, also left soft, foamy bubbles as it melted away. If you enjoy long lasting bath bombs that take their time to fizzle out then this is a good choice, and I think children would also enjoy the theatre of it. Because there was a fairly high concentration of pink colouring in this bath bomb I did expect a bit of staining on the bath but was happy to find that there was none at all.

In summation, I would say that Granny Takes a Dip has probably been one of my favourite bath bombs, and at £3.25 it is definitely one I would pick up again as a treat. It isn't on par with the likes of Dragons Egg per say in terms of the spectacle side of things, but in my opinion, it definitely smells better!

What do you think of Granny Takes a Dip. Have you tried it yet? Which is your current favourite bath bomb from Lush?

Annie xx