29 February 2012

Weekly Wedding Fix #5

I've spent most of today travelling once again between Bath and Canterbury and this evening I'm relaxing with Daniel and our friend with a takeaway and a few glasses of Malibu and lemonade :)

This week I've put together a pretty golden wedding for you.

1.This beautiful dress from Phase Eight is a romantic yet sleek, understated design, and I think it would be the perfect choice for a golden wedding. The simple design allows the gold detailing to make a big impression and would look wonderful teamed with a boho inspired hairstyle.

2. Light gold is a sweet choice for the bridesmaid dresses which also have detailing in the fabric adding a pretty touch to the simple cut of the dress along with a touch of glamour. Darker gold dresses tend to be unflattering on certain skin tones so be careful when picking out your colour.

3. What girl can resist a pair of glittered up shoes? This light gold pair from Kurt Geiger are the perfect shade for this theme and they're currently in the sale. The across foot strap also makes them a comfier choice to party the night away in.

4. Elephants are considered to be very lucky in many cultures and this Lucky Elephant bookmark provides a lovely reminder for your guests of your big day whilst also showing them that you wish them well in the future. And lets face it, they're incredibly cute too!

5. Peonies are a traditional wedding favourite, and lets face it, they're beautiful. I love that this bouquet pairs the beautiful light peonies with fresh green buds which instantly lifts the whole display. A bunch of white roses would also be a romantic choice.

6. A gold theme allows you to go all out when it comes to extravagant decorations and this gold embellished cake shows that although too much gold can seem tacky, if you get the balance just right you can create a stunning effect that will wow your guests.

7. Charger plates are a beautiful way to carry your colour theme onto your tables. They add depth and visual interest to the table as well as making the overall effect more impressive. I really like the shining gold pattern on the crockery used here.

8. Believe it or not, this gentle peach cocktail is a take on the traditional Spanish drink, sangria. Made using peaches and vanilla beans it has a much softer, summery flavour and would be a lovely choice for a summertime wedding. 

And there we are for another week. I hope this post has given you some inspiration and that you're now ready to start planning your beautiful golden wedding day.
Annie x

28 February 2012

Oh Goodness :O

What a day I've had! A nine hour shift followed by a two hour rehearsal has left me feeling rather drained and completely exhausted, its proving difficult to keep my eyes open to even finish writing this post. It is defo a Simon's Cat video fill in day! Here's my current favourite for you and I'll be back on track tomorrow with The Weekly Wedding Fix after a long night of sleep!

Night night,
Annie x

27 February 2012

A Few Favourites- Photos

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days, I was making the most of the last few days of my holiday. I have also been doing some thinking about my blog features and would love your opinion. My question to you is whether you would like to see me continue with the Sunday feature; From the Scrapbook, or would you be interested in a weekly favourites post or a weekly "get to know Annie" post? I'd love some help choosing what to do about my sunday post because from the scrapbook is currently my least visited feature. I want to keep you lovely readers interested so let me know what you'd like to see!

Anyways, today I want to show you some of my favourite photos of the moment. I found these all on pinterest (you can find me *here*) I think they're pretty fabby :)




Oh how I love photography  :) Maybe one day soon I'll share some of my more serious photos :)
Annie x

24 February 2012

Photo a Week Challenge- Week Six

Another week gone means it's time for another weekly photo challenge. This week was trickier because the topic given was Spirit which could be interpreted in lots of different ways.
 My photo has taken the term spirit as a cold and almost ghostly feel. This photo hasn't been edited in any way, it was honestly just so cold and grey that day that the effect of the light made the image almost grey scale.

What have you taken photos of this week? How would you capture the topic "spirit"?
Annie x

23 February 2012

Revivals- Canterbury's Little Treasure Trove

I've had a pretty busy day today on  not much sleep so I'm zonked! I've had a lovely time with my favourite girlies though.
This is a little post I've been wanting share for a while now about one of my favourite shops in Canterbury, Revivals.
A real little treasure trove, when you enter Revivals its hard to know where to start. It is packed wall to wall with fabulous vintage and unusual clothes. It really is an exciting place to be. You are greeted with rows and rows of pretty handbags, piles of fun and unusual hats, racks of great clothing finds and some truly awesome shoes. When I went in recently, I spotted some skyscraper heels so high that to wear them would have been been like standing on a podium the whole time.
Being a jewellery lover, I love rooting around in the pots of rings and sifting through all of the pretty necklaces. Last time I was there I found a truly beautiful mother of pearl effect watch and a cute little ring wrapped to form the word "love" which I just had to buy.

I would definitely recommend paying a visit to Revivals if you're ever in the area, and you can also find them on facebook *here* I can guarantee that you'll leave with something fabulous, I mean, who could resist the colours and patterns below!

Do you have any wonderful little shops like this near you? Or maybe you've visited Revivals and love it just as much as I do?
Annie x

22 February 2012

The Weekly Wedding Fix #4

Its time once again for the weekly take over from Sugar and Spice for The Weekly Wedding Fix.
I've always loved fairy tales and when I was growing up Snow White was one of my favourites. Bearing this in mind, this week our mood board is for a "Fairest of them All" wedding.

1. How could I create a Snow White inspired board without using Alfred Angelo's Snow White style 207 dress from his Disney Fairy Tale Wedding collection. A fairy tale wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear that dream princess dress.

2. Snow White dressed in blue and yellow and these royal blue courts are just the right shade to pair with the dark yellow bridesmaid dresses as well as becoming your something blue if you were to choose them for yourself.

3. I am a huge lover of homemade favours, they add a personal touch and show your guests that you have taken time and care to please them. These Apple Pie Pops are a cute take on the very popular cake pops. They will look lovely wrapped in a little cellophane and of course, as we know, when singing "One Day my Prince will Come" Snow White was merrily baking an apple pie!

4. When I saw this wedding cake, I just had to feature it. Simply decorated with blue ribbon and sugar pansies I think it is the perfect addition to this fairest of them all wedding. The sugar flowers reflect the sweet personality of every Disney princess as well as providing a laid back chic look for a modern wedding.

5. These apple place settings are a great way to guide your guests to their seats whilst staying on theme. They are also cheap and simple to create. To create the look of the traditional "poison apple" you should use a Red Delicious apple as they are a deep blood red colour. They would look very striking on a simply decorated table.

6. I've always been a fan of bright yellow bridesmaid dresses and this theme provides the perfect time to get your girls in sunshine bright dresses. This dress from The Dessy Group is a flattering style and length and in Mango is the perfect shade!

7. Looking sleek and elegant, this Poisoned Apple Martini is a great choice for a signature cocktail at your fairest of them all wedding. Smoother than a regular martini it uses apple schnapps to give a sweet apple flavour.

8. Dark red roses always make for a beautiful bouquet. They stand out beautifully against the white of a wedding gown and the deep red colour exudes passion and romance. Pair with deep red lipstick for a real show stopping look whilst also echoing Snow White's "lips red as blood".

Would you ever consider choosing a fairy tale theme for your wedding? Or do you feel that this would be a strange choice? I would love to hear what you think :)
Annie x

21 February 2012

Oodles of Glitter!

I'm writing this in bed in the middle of the afternoon, how lazy indulgent is that? I should probably specify that I have actually been up and busy most of the day but our house is old so gets pretty cold when the heating is off, so back to bed it is!

I'm going through a bit of a nail varnish craze at the moment. Its just so fun and pretty :)
A few weeks ago I read a post about a Technic rainbow glitter varnish which is a great dupe for the much loved OPI rainbow glitter varnish. It looked grat and at £1.25 I just had to try it!
I went a little over the top and glitter crazy which I know I'll regret when it gets to Sunday evening and I have to scrub it away for work the next day. I think it looks pretty funky though, even if its taken agesssss to dry fully despite the use of rapid dry spray.

I also ordered some gorgeous colours last week from Elf cosmetics which I have been trying out. I adore the mint cream shade which is a great colour for spring. The matte top coat is also a great investment. It dries fast and makes any nail varnish instantly matte and in fashion for this season :)

Its always a shame to go back to work and have to keep nails short and unpainted again, but oh well, it just makes the times when they are decorated more special :)

Do you have a favourite varnish at the moment? Any colours that you would recommend that we all try out?
I have to drag myself off now and pump out an essay so tata for now,
Annie x

20 February 2012

A Few Beauty Favourites

Today I've been busy cleaning, tidying and putting together some fabby blog posts for the rest of the week both for Three Little Buhos and Sugar and Spice. I love a good productive day and I have more tidying planned for this evening :)

Recently I have been really big on beauty and have really enjoyed painting my nails, cleansing, moisturising, buffing, plucking, tweaking, preening etc etc and I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite beauty bits at the moment.

I cannot get enough of this Garnier BB Cream in Light. It makes skin look beautiful and works well to keep skin looking good long term.
 Batiste XXL Volume has helped me out of many hair related disaster days. It does as it says and gives great volume. It also works well when you're styling big volume up-do's.
 I love Calvin Klein perfumes and CK One Summer 2010 is my very favourite. I wear this scent almost every day and it makes me feel warm and happy :)
 Brush cleanser is an uber important make-up staple if you regularly use brushes to apply bits and bobs. Mac Brush Cleanser is a great one, it works fast with no hassle and removes all grease.
 My number one indulgence. Molton Brown products are so wonderful, and the warming eucalyptus bath and shower therapy has always been my favourite. After a long day, there is nothing better than a good soak using it.
 Have you ever used a rapid dry spray for nails? If not then you need to! They are the best! I'm rubbish with not smudging my nail varnish but since my mum bought me the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails I've used it religiously AND it works!
I get rubbish, dry lips during the winter so instead of using lipstick each day I use Vaseline Rosy Lips which tints them a pretty pink, keeps them soft and stops the chapping that I am so prone to.

What are your beauty must haves? Do you use any of these products? If you do, what do you think of them?
Annie x

19 February 2012

From the Scrapbook #4

Hello lovely blog readers,
I am so happy; today I became the proud owner of a gorgeous dark blue leather Osprey London handbag. I am in love with it! And after being good and saving a lot of money lately, I thought I deserved a treat :) Isn't it beautiful?
I think we're all rather fed up of winter now and are looking forward to spring arriving so for this week's From the Scrapbook theme I chose Pastel Colours to create some pretty bits and pieces for you to use.

This sweet blog header suits most colour schemes and can be personalised by adding your blog name to the empty purple backing and also by adding a tag line along the floral banner. I like the simplicity and I can't get enough of chevrons at the moment. This scrap can be saved as a JPEG or PNG file.

This scrap is perfect for adding to any scrapbooking project. The shield frame is left transparent so that you are able to add your own photo and the speech bubble allows you to add a description or quote. I have also kept the chevron pattern light so that text can easily be added here should you wish. Save this scrap as a PNG file.

Finally, this little tag is a sweet addition to a scrapbook page or could even be used as an invitation to a tea party where you can hand write the details on the back of the tag or something like that. I've been looking for an excuse to use the little purple tea cup for a while now!

So there we go for another week. I hope you like these bits and pieces and, as always, I'd love to see them in action.
Have a nice evening :)
Annie x

18 February 2012

Large Quantities of Lovely

Today has been great. Proper girly shopping trip with my mum where we both bought so lovely bits and pieces (maybe I'll post a photo of my goodies tomorrow)
I was incredibly lucky this valentines day, and my wonderful fiance bought me some cute little presents, and I love them all and just had to show you their fabbiness.

How cute is this flamingo cookie cutter? I can't wait to try this out and then cover the resulting cookies in BRIGHT pink icing. I hope the leggies and neck don't burn :S

I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of beautiful light pink roses. We couldn't find a vase and so had to display them in a cocktail shaker, but in a way I think that made them look all the more cute. I love roses, they look so pretty as they start to open like this one.

I was oh so excited to receive this ring. Its a beautiful handmade silver toe ring from Little Red Robin that I fell in love with last month. Daniel got it personalised to say "mugwai" which is his pet name for me (for those who don't know, here a photo of a mugwai, they're the cute little creatures that turn into Gremlins. Dan calls me mugwai because apparently I'm "cute and cuddly and make little noises") My photo doesn't really do the ring justice, it's gorgeous, made of silver and shines beautifully. I'm wearing it on my little finger while the weather is cold. Check out the Little Red Robin website for other beautiful jewellery.

To go with my my lovely new ring, Daniel tracked down this adorable bunny ring bunny that I pinned on pinterest a while back. I love him, he sits by my bed holding my new mugwai ring, my engagement ring and a couple of vintage finds. I thought it was so sweet of Daniel to go to so much effort to find me a present that he knew I would love.

I love all of these gifts and I am so thankful to Dan for being so generous and treating me so brilliantly. That man is my world :)

Have you been given any lovely, thoughtful gifts recently? What did you get for valentines day?
I hope you're having a great weekend :)
Annie x

17 February 2012

Photo a Week Challenge- Week Five

How is everyone today?
My great grandmother's funeral was today so for me it has been a day of remembrance. She was a wonderful woman and I hope that wherever she lives on, she will be happy.

This week's photo challenge topic is Romance which, being the uber observant person I am, believe may be because tuesday was of course Valentine's day!
I've taken a lot of photos this week of the beautiful presents that Daniel gave me for valentines day and couldn't quite narrow it down to one photo, so here are my two favourites :)
Annie x
This is a close up of my ultra cute card

And this is a macro shot of my dainty little pink roses

16 February 2012

Glitter Nail Varnish- The Eternal Struggle

This evening I've arrived back in Bath after a lovely few days in Canterbury and I'm pretty zonked after the long journey. Or maybe that has something to do with the many hours of shopping I selflessly endured today while finding Daniel chinos that have a zip instead of buttons (for those of you wondering, such an invention does not currently exsist, much to Dan's dismay).

todays offending yet beautifl product!
Anyways, back onto topic. Now glitter nail varnish, I use it and I love it. It is however the bane of my life. I have just spent what feels like a lifetime (although in reality it may have been more like ten minutes) rubbing and scraping away at my nails trying to remove a particularly gorgeous yet equally stubborn red glitter nail varnish. And that was just one hand!
It saddens me to see such beautiful glitter varnishes in shops and online because I know I will be lured in, enthusiastically paint on several thick layers, enjoy them for several days until chips appear and then have the "character building" experience of scrubbing away for hours trying to shift the stuff. Why is it that it is oh so stubborn? I can't for the life of me work out why it clings on so much tighter than any other varnish. All I know is that I have another ten minutes of scrubbing to go before I can paint them in the pretty new Mint Cream coloured varnish I have from elf.

Does anyone know why oh why glitter varnish is so hard to remove? Do you have any tips on how to loosen the stuff other than sitting with my fingers dunked in a bowl of remover? Anyone who can shed some light will be loved eternally!
*is off to resume scrubbing*
Annie x

15 February 2012

The Weekly Wedding Fix #3

Its time for the weekly takeover from Sugar and Spice for the Weekly Wedding Fix.
Last week I was asked for some help with finding the right bridesmaid dress for a purple themed wedding so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a purple themed mood board.

1. This dress by Benjamin Roberts is a feminine choice. In my personal opinion, a lighter shade of purple is more fitting than a dark shade for a wedding as it is fresher and more romantic. This lace dress really suits a light theme as it is very soft and dainty.

2. Rather than going over the top with purple table clothes at the wedding reception, a more gentle way to bring the theme to the table is with the use of crockery either with a purple pattern, like in the image above, or alternatively you could use purple glasses or purple charger plates. (I'm very sorry but I forgot to save the source of this image, if you know where it is from then let me know, thanks!)

3. It can prove difficult to match bridesmaid shoes to the colour of their dresses so why not opt for shoes in a complementary colour? I love the look of gold shoes with a purple dress. Similarly silver or nude shoes would look just as charming.

4. Purple is a fairly difficult colour to wear, but the rule is that the darker the shade of the dress, the better it would suit a darker complexion. Those with fair skin should wear a light dress if possible or if you have your heart set on a darker tone then maybe you could treat your bridesmaids to a spray tan to give their complexion a sun-kissed glow that would work well with a darker dress. Purple dresses also work best in shorter lengths so keep your eye out for a knee length number.

5. How cute are these little purple chocolate lollipops? They are the perfect token gift to your guests and could also double up as place settings with a label affixed to their stick.

6. Purple bouquets can be stunning. I think they are at their best when left looking a little wild. Building in several different varieties of flower as well as a selection of shades can work well if assembled in a wild way. It is also a good idea to break the colour up with white flowers and greenery.

7. A purple wedding cake would most likely look a little over kill, especially at an elegant wedding, so instead, a good choice would to be to opt for a white cake and then decorate this with touches of your chosen shade. This could be done with ribbon or, like above, using purple flowers matching the floral arrangements.

8. There is a lot of scope with a purple wedding theme to develop a gorgeous looking and tasting feature cocktail. Purple Rain is a classic cocktail that tastes great and has a fantastic flavour. You may want to consider the risk involved reguarding stained clothes at the hands of a spillage however!

Well there we have it for this week. I hope I have given you some inspiration for your beautiful, purple themed wedding. If you have any advice for other readers then please comment, I'd love to hear from you :)

If you would like to visit Sugar and Spice to see all of the other great inspiration on offer there then simply click *here*
Annie x

14 February 2012

The Day of Love

Happy Vday everyone! I hope you're all enjoying it.
I spent most of my day travelling across from Bath to Canterbury which was quite the ordeal, I tell you! Especially since the last leg of my journey had to be by coach because the trains weren't running between Ashford and Canterbury.
Oh well, I'm here now and Daniel and I are settling down to a nice cozy evening with good food and a chick flick :)
He bought me some lovely presents (which I'll show you tomorrow) and was uber happy with his too so so far so good :)

What are your plans for this evening? Did you recieve anything lovely that you're a little smug about?
Or are you just going to have a night in in front of the telly with a box of chocolates?
Annie x

13 February 2012

10 Simple but Sweet Romantic Gestures

I love my fiance to bits, yet over the years I have come to understand that he is far from being a romantic person. I don't mind this, he is brilliant just the way he is.
But for some people, romance is an important part of a relationship which can cause problems when one person in the relationship is clueless when it comes to romance. So for all those people who find it difficult to know where to start, I have put together a list of simple little gestures which will be sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one :)
  1.        Close the curtains, turn your phones off, order in your favourite food and just relax with your other half.

    2.       Breakfast in bed is always a lovely touch, even if it’s just toast and tea.

    3.       Baked goods can be made in little time and are at their best if made last minute so they’re still nice and fresh. Definitely more romantic than shop bought.

    4.       With music so easily accessible,  it’s never been simpler to make your other half a mixed tape of their favourite songs or “your songs”

    5.       If buying a box of chocolates just isn’t good enough then why not make your own? Sunshine and Carousels has featured some delicious recipes recently and they’re so simple to make too!

    6.       Write a list of 10 things you love about your other half and hide it somewhere they will find it when not expecting to. Guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

    7.       Forget about the fancy restaurants, pack a picnic and head for somewhere pretty together.

    8.       Have a movie night where you watch each other’s favourite film. Who cares if you aren’t keen on their choice, the intention couldn’t be sweeter.

    9.       Run your other half a hot bath, fill them a glass of wine and let them enjoy some relaxation time.

    10.   Have a fun evening together with a chocolate fondue that you can dip all of your favourite treats in, extra points for remembering your partners favourite treats :P

    Is there something sweet that your partner does for you that lets you know they love you? Do you have any advice for people who find it hard to express their love?

    On an un-related note, over on my other blog, Sugar and Spice, we have an inspirational "The Beautiful Bride" post to help you find the perfect wedding hairstyle for your special day.

    Annie x

12 February 2012

Sugar and Spice

Some time ago now, I set up my other blog, Sugar and Spice.
When I got into writing Three Little Buhos so whole heartedly, it's sad to say that Sugar and Spice fell rather into disuse with no new posts for months.
I've now decided it's time to resurrect this other blog and fully utilise Sugar and Spice, posting regularly about all things wedding. I will share useful links, inspirational mood boards, give advice on finding the perfect suppliers for you, featuring some of my favourite wedding sites and suppliers, giving tips on DIY projects for your big day and of course posting lots of photos to give you all the inspiration you need to create the perfect day :)
If you're interested in following, then you can find Sugar and Spice *here*.
Annie x

From the Scrapbook #3

The time of week has come once again for another From the Scrapbook post. With valentine's day almost upon us, this week I have put together some Valentine's themed scraps for you to use.

This sweet "forever yours" tag was made using the Shabby Blogs Madelyn Kit that you can download for free over at their blog. It would look adorable on your valentines gift and the light colours make it a less garish choice. Save as a JPEG or PNG file.

This polaroid style photo frame provides a cute way to scrapbook the perfect photo of you and your loved one on valentines day. Save as a PNG file to keep the frame transparent for your scrapbooking needs :)

 This tongue in cheek gnome tag is perfect for a less serious gift. And who doesn't love a comedy garden gnome? Save as a JPEG or PNG file and then print for the perfect comedy gift tag.

Finally, we have the virtual love note. For those of you not lucky enough to be able to see your loved one this valentines day, I have created the virtual love note which has space for you to add a photo, a small romantic message or caption for the photo and space for you to add "10 things I love about you". I think an email containing this would be a lovely treat on Vday. Save as a PNG file.

I hope you like this weeks offerings, and as always, I'd love to hear if you use any of these creations :)
Have a great day!
Annie x

11 February 2012

Inside the Make-up Bag

I'm one of those nosy people who like to find out lots about everything and every one and after seeing posts like this on other blogs and oohing and aahing over pretty make-up, I thought I'd share my own inside the make-up bag post :)
I love my make -up bag. Its a small, purple Osprey London bag that my auntie gave me for christmas and it goes everywhere with me!
Inside I keep:

  • MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NC15- this is a great foundation that gives good coverage and doesn't make my face feel all tight and dry like some do. I have trouble finding foundation light enough for my skin but this shade is perfect for light skin like mine.
  • Garnier BB miracle skin perfector in 02 Light- I know there is a lot of hype surrounding BB cream at the moment. I'va had mine for a week now and I must say, I love it. I've noticed my skin has been much softer since I've started using it and the cover it gives is soft and radiant.
  • No 7 Lash 360 mascara in Black- This is by far the best mascara I've ever used. The brush gets right to the roots of the lash and I've never known it to clump even with a few coats. Several times I've been asked whether I use false lash inserts whilst wearing this because they look so long and full.
  • MAC eyebrow filler pencil in Spiked- I'm a bit of a plucking addict and bought this a while back when I had gone a little over the top and given myself a bald patch (oops!) I now use it all the time as it allows me to keep my brows lovely and small yet you don't loose the definition of the brows colour. It is easy to use, soft and long lasting. I love it :)
  • French Connection liquid eyeliner in black- This came as part of a gift set I was given and I'm not sure if it's sold individually, I've never seen it. But I love that the applicator is long and where it's very thin its easy to get lovely narrow, precise lines.
  • The Body Shop eye lustre liner- I picked his up in a body shop sale because I loved the colour. Its a bright shade of bronze that looks stunning along the lash line. Alternatively, I like to smudge it into an eyeshadow, for a softer, shimmering colour.
  • The Body Shop sparkle eyeliner- This is another sale find from a while back. I love glitter liners because they really make eyes pop and you need so little to get a really pretty effect. I'd wear it all the time if I could but I don't think work would be too happy about that :)
  • Barry M Limited Edition lipgloss in Candy Floss- I don't actually remember where I got this lipgloss, although I have got several of them as free gifts from magazines so maybe this was one of those occasions? I'm not sure. Anyway, its a lovely natural colour that just completes a daytime, less is more, sort of look. If your lips are a bit dry then it has a slight tendency to go a little sticky but it tastes really yummy!
  • Make Up Store Sweden lipstick in Pink Creme- This lipstick is one of my favourite ever make-up finds. I found it in their small boutiquey type store in Soho, London (if you're ever in the area then you should DEFO go in, its gorgeous) and it was just the colour I'd been looking for for ages. At £12 it was worth every penny :)
  • Ted Baker body spray- This was another christmas present from my lovely auntie. Its a gorgeous smell, sweet and rosey. I wear it fairly often when I want a lighter fragrance than my proper perfume gives.
So there we have it, the contents of my everyday make-up bag. What essentials do you keep with you at all times? Have you tried any of these? If so, what did you think of them yourself?
Hope you're having a lovely day,
Annie x

New Way to Keep in Touch

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the dis-continuation of Google Friend Connect for non-blogger sites, I thought it would be nice to give you lovely followers some other ways to keep in touch just in case this is extended to blogspot in the future.
You can now find Three Little Búhos on Bloglovin, Facebook and you can also subscribe by email. Your support means a lot to me so it would be really sweet of you to keep in touch any way you like :)
Annie x