11 February 2012

Inside the Make-up Bag

I'm one of those nosy people who like to find out lots about everything and every one and after seeing posts like this on other blogs and oohing and aahing over pretty make-up, I thought I'd share my own inside the make-up bag post :)
I love my make -up bag. Its a small, purple Osprey London bag that my auntie gave me for christmas and it goes everywhere with me!
Inside I keep:

  • MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NC15- this is a great foundation that gives good coverage and doesn't make my face feel all tight and dry like some do. I have trouble finding foundation light enough for my skin but this shade is perfect for light skin like mine.
  • Garnier BB miracle skin perfector in 02 Light- I know there is a lot of hype surrounding BB cream at the moment. I'va had mine for a week now and I must say, I love it. I've noticed my skin has been much softer since I've started using it and the cover it gives is soft and radiant.
  • No 7 Lash 360 mascara in Black- This is by far the best mascara I've ever used. The brush gets right to the roots of the lash and I've never known it to clump even with a few coats. Several times I've been asked whether I use false lash inserts whilst wearing this because they look so long and full.
  • MAC eyebrow filler pencil in Spiked- I'm a bit of a plucking addict and bought this a while back when I had gone a little over the top and given myself a bald patch (oops!) I now use it all the time as it allows me to keep my brows lovely and small yet you don't loose the definition of the brows colour. It is easy to use, soft and long lasting. I love it :)
  • French Connection liquid eyeliner in black- This came as part of a gift set I was given and I'm not sure if it's sold individually, I've never seen it. But I love that the applicator is long and where it's very thin its easy to get lovely narrow, precise lines.
  • The Body Shop eye lustre liner- I picked his up in a body shop sale because I loved the colour. Its a bright shade of bronze that looks stunning along the lash line. Alternatively, I like to smudge it into an eyeshadow, for a softer, shimmering colour.
  • The Body Shop sparkle eyeliner- This is another sale find from a while back. I love glitter liners because they really make eyes pop and you need so little to get a really pretty effect. I'd wear it all the time if I could but I don't think work would be too happy about that :)
  • Barry M Limited Edition lipgloss in Candy Floss- I don't actually remember where I got this lipgloss, although I have got several of them as free gifts from magazines so maybe this was one of those occasions? I'm not sure. Anyway, its a lovely natural colour that just completes a daytime, less is more, sort of look. If your lips are a bit dry then it has a slight tendency to go a little sticky but it tastes really yummy!
  • Make Up Store Sweden lipstick in Pink Creme- This lipstick is one of my favourite ever make-up finds. I found it in their small boutiquey type store in Soho, London (if you're ever in the area then you should DEFO go in, its gorgeous) and it was just the colour I'd been looking for for ages. At £12 it was worth every penny :)
  • Ted Baker body spray- This was another christmas present from my lovely auntie. Its a gorgeous smell, sweet and rosey. I wear it fairly often when I want a lighter fragrance than my proper perfume gives.
So there we have it, the contents of my everyday make-up bag. What essentials do you keep with you at all times? Have you tried any of these? If so, what did you think of them yourself?
Hope you're having a lovely day,
Annie x

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