30 June 2012

Technic Highlights Highlighter Review

Today saw another really busy one. We were the busiest I've ever known at work. At one point we actually ran out of teapots... Now, tell me, how can you have a tea shop with no teapots left to serve people? Oh well, on to the beauty!

Now, today I am reviewing perhaps one of the best dupes around and that is Highlights by Technic which is the well known dupe for Benefit's High Beam. In terms of packaging and product appearance there is very very little difference between the two. As for the price tag, there really is. I picked up this bottle for £2.49 in Just Beauty, where as for a bottle of High Beam you will pay £18.50 and get the same amount of product. I'd like to say now that I haven't ever owned a bottle of High Beam so this isn't a post directly comparing the two, but there are a few comparisons that are based solely from swatching High Beam on the Benefit counter at work.
Highlights is a cream based highlighter that is great for use on the brow bone, top of your cheeks and on your cupids bow to keep you looking radiant. The colour is a pearlescent light pink that is almost silver when it catches the light and I find it very easy to wear without looking too heavy or sparkly for every day, it just leaves you with a soft, healthy glow.
The texture of this highlighter is lovely and light and doesn't feel greasy or heavy on my skin, I also find that it doesn't fade or rub off during the day which I think is really good, especially for such a low priced product.
I only have one complaint with Highlights and that is the quality of the brush. As you can see in the photo above, the bristles aren't very good quality and tend to splay a little in what ever direction they see fit. I think this is the only place however that you can really see that this is a low end product and to be honest it is a very small niggle as the brush is only used to dot a little bit of the highlighter on to your face. I then use my fingers to blend the highlighter in so it isn't a big problem but this is one area where the Benefit High Beam does stand out as being the better quality, but does that really justify a £16 price difference? I think not to be honest.
One thing that does also bug me about the Technic offering is just how clearly they have copied the High Beam bottle, down to the font of the writing. Fair play, a dupe is a dupe, but it seems a little OTT in my opinion, it feels a little too desperate to be seen as a copy of a Benefit product.

So over all, I rate this very highly and I think that for £2.49 you can't go wrong, especially if this is your first time using a highlighter and don't want to fork out lots of money for a high end product even if the packaging does bug me a little :P
Have you ever tried this product? Do you think its a better option that High Beam? Or are you devoted to Benefit? Personally, I think I'll be sticking to Highlights, although I do have my eye on Sun Beam.
Annie x

29 June 2012

Soap and Glory Scrub Actually Review

Carrying on with my series of reviews, today I have a review of my favourite body scrub; Scrub Actually by Soap and Glory.
Scrub Actually is quite an abrasive scrub with a sugar base which means its nice and scrubby without the annoying bits of sand or nuts that you find in some scrubs that get left lying all over the place. When using this scrub in the bath or shower its nice to know that you wont end up surrounded by grit after exfoliating.
Soap and Glory products have a very distinctive smell throughout the range so I was surprised when I first smelt this and it didn't share the same scent. Instead, the smell reminds me a lot of strawberry and passionfruit flavoured starburst (do they even still make that flavour?! They were amazing!)
I don't find the smell is particularly long lasting on the skin, maybe a few hours, but if you were to use it in the evening before going out then you'd smell pretty for your night out. Also along that note, this is a great scrub to use before self tanning because it is excellent for making knees, elbows and other dry, tricky bits nice and soft.
Over all, I would say that this is an all round good scrub that smells amazing, works well and lasts a nice long time.
For £7.00 you get 200ml of product which despite not being overly cheap, is fairly reasonable I think for what you get. I've been using my tube for a few months now and theres still around half left because not a lot is needed each time.
Have you tried this scrub? I've heard great things about the Breakfast Scrub too, would you recommend that one?
Unrelated, today was payday so I treated myself to some payday treats from the sales so I have a pretty impressive haul to show you over the weekend :)
Annie x

28 June 2012

Fast and Fruity Nail Varnish Remover vs Bourjois 1 Seconde

It seems like every beauty blogger in the land has blogged about the infamous Bourjois 1 seconde nail varnish remover and fallen in love with it. Lets just say that I've tried it, I understand why, but I also know I wouldn't ever pay £4.99 for a tub of nail varnish remover, no matter how well the formula works; it just doesn't feel like a good use of my money.
So the other day when I was browsing the isles of Home Bargains and came across Fast and Fruity nail varnish remover from Easy Nails for just 85p I thought I'd give that a go instead.
The basic idea behind this remover is the same as the Bourjois tub where you pop your finger in the top, twist for a few seconds and then remove it to find that all of the nail varnish has magically been removed quickly and effortlessly.
Let me say that I really was amazed how well this worked for so little money. I would actually say that it worked just as well as the Bourjois offering, even on glitter polish which was pleasing. The product doesn't claim to have as many fab extras, such as containing almond oil that is good for your nails but for 85p I can't fault it.
For 85p, the pot contains 50ml which is where I really must stress how hugely over priced I feel the Bourjois offering is. For the £4.99 you pay, you only get 25ml more product which seems rather a big mark up to me. Ho much profit do they make per pot I wonder?
Anyways, the smell of the product is one of my favourite things about it. Whilst the pot claims that it is peach scented I find that once the initial polish remover scent has subsided, you're left with a really nice vanilla smell which is soft and in a weird way, quite comforting. You don't end up with the whole house smelling of chemicals and there's no headache brought on by needing so much product at a time.
If you're looking for a well priced, well working nail varnish remover that's easy to carry around with you and doesn't stink the house out then this is definitely a product to try and in my eyes, makes far more financial sense.
What's your opinion of the Bourjois remover? Would you try a cheaper alternative instead?
Annie x

27 June 2012

M.A.C Satin Lipstick in Brave

So, the other day I bought possibly the most gorgeous lipstick I have ever owned. I played around with Brave which is one of the satin lipsticks in M.A.C's extensive collection on Thursday and then couldn't get it out of my mind so I just had to go back on Saturday and grab one.
Everyone knows that I am a complete makeup junkie so its no surprise that I adore all products M.A.C and its fair to say that their lipsticks are some of the best around so I was clearly powerless to resist.
The satin finish range appeal to me as I have never been a fan of frosted or shimmer finishes on my lips, I think it looks a little odd on me. The satin finish range has a very slight sheen to it when caught by the light but it has a far more matte look finish without being drying like most completely matte shades you can buy from other brands.
Brave is a fairly neutral pink toned shade. It is just slightly darker pink than my lips so gives a soft and polished look without being too bold. I like to use it when I'm going for brighter eyes so that my lips don't detract from the eye.
The consistency is lovely and creamy and applies very easily and gives great coverage with very little effort. I find the colour is very long lasting, especially when you aren't eating or drinking so for me it's perfect for work where the colour is subtle enough but will stay put during a busy shift.
(sorry for the slightly blurred lips!)
I can easily say that this lipstick was well worth the £13.50 that I paid because it is amazing quality and the colour is so easy to wear meaning it won't just sit in my draw for years unlike some colours I've owned. Long live M.A.C, I swear they just cannot be beaten.
Have you tried any of the M.A.C satin range? What do you think? What is your favourite M.A.C lipstick?
Annie x

Guest Post from Grace

A little later than planned (sorry for my disorganisation!) this week I have a guest post from Grace, the lovely writer of All That Slap. Grace writes brilliant posts on her blog that are well worth a look, her reviews have sent me out looking for products a few times now! She's also one of the loveliest bloggers that I have been lucky enough to meet so pop over to her blog and show her some love :)
Annie x

Eyeliners for Summer!
Okay, so I know “summer” hasn’t gotten off to the best start for most of us this year, but there is still hope!? If the sun does decide to make an appearance then it is nice to play around with makeup and jazz things up some days. One thing I like to do in summer is where bright eyeliners, usually with neutral eye shadows. It adds a pop of colour without being “too much”, no?!
With eyeliners, I like using two different types - one is the liquid liner type, because it tends to be really long wearing and most of the time waterproof, so if you are lucky enough to see a pool or some sea then that is always a good option!
The second type of liner I like is a pencil, for the waterline, or on the lid, smoked out. Today I am focusing on just using a pencil for your waterline.
I do of course use gel eyeliners too, but in the summer, for some reason I reach for my liquid liners more often, not quite sure why!
Here is a selection of my favourite liquid liners at the moment:
Boots No 7 – Stay Perfect Eyeliner – Jewel – a beautiful turquoise - £8.75 (don’t forget Boots often do the £5.00 off vouchers!)
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner in Infinite – bright cobalt blue – around $7 or £4 where sold in the UK.
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner in Forever – a lovely bronze – around $7 or £4 where sold in the UK.
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner in Eternal – a gorgeous light green - around $7 or £4 where sold in the UK.
KIKO Cosmetics Definition Waterproof Liquid Liner – 06 – a medium purple – Normally £8.50 but on sale now for £3.90!
GOSH Extreme Art Eye Liner – Waterproof – 15 – a purple/pink shade - £6.49.
Here is a picture of the liners:

And here are the swatches: 

As you can see the colours are gorgeous! All of the liners above have really good wear, are easy to apply and are waterproof. Out of the lot the No 7 probably performs the best – it wears for at least 24 hours (if you just happened to sleep with it on, it would be fine the next day, trust me – its been tested!!). The Milani liners come a close second, they are amazing!
I tend to only wear them on my lid, and not on the waterline….which brings me to my favourite pencils for summer…..
These are:
Annabelle – Smoothliner in Meteorite – Canadian brand – around $6.50 CAN.
Milani Liquif’ Eye in Aqua - $7.99 – not seen these in the UK.
Here they are: 

As you can see, I really like my Bourjois pencils! But, that is because they are reasonably priced, perform really well without tugging, last for a really long time on the waterline (these normally last for around 8 hours on my waterline!) and they come in gorgeous shades!
Here are the swatches:

Finally, here are a couple of pics of me with some of the different liners on so you can see! Please excuse my horrendous eyebrows in these pics!!

If you want to buy Milani Cosmetics, and you are in the UK (or another country), you can order them online at Cherryculture.com – they do international shipping!! I have seen some Milani products at Beauty Base stores here in the UK, but the stores are few and far between and the products are limited.
I hope you liked this post and you will maybe think about wearing some bright colours for summer?! Even if the sun isn’t shining outside, make yourself feel summery by updating your look a little – have fun!!
Thank you to Annie for letting me do this guest post J
Grace xx

25 June 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

First of all, yay! I have been awarded the versatile blogger award by the lovely Chrissy. Thank you Chrissy :)

The rules are:
1.   Add the award to your blog.
2.  Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3.   Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4.   List the rules.
5.   Award to 15 bloggers.
6.   Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

Hmm, random facts:

  1. I'd rather leave the house having had no breakfast than not having put makeup on.
  2. Coffee gives me a really bad headache, even just the smell, yet I sooo enjoy being a barista and making coffee for people nonstop for hours.
  3. I bought three lipsticks on three different days this week... and I regret nothing!
  4. Thinking about Daniel still makes my tummy feel bubbly even after all this time :)
  5. I have to sleep on my belly or I keep waking up.
  6. My taste in books is rather varied. I went from reading the 50 Shades series to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.
  7. Not gunna lie, I think Boris Johnson is strangely sexy.

I would like to pass this award on to:
  • http://www.allthatslap.com/
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  • http://www.alittleobsessed.co.uk/
  • http://milkbubbletea.blogspot.co.uk/
Happy blogging ladies :)
Annie x

24 June 2012

Makeup Mugshot #3

I have been so busy over the last few days its unreal. I've been doing a lot of over time and when I haven't been working I've spent some great time with lots of various friends as well as Dan and my mum. I haven't really had much tome for blogging but I'm charging my camera as I speak so that I'll be able to take some photos for some product reviews this week. I'm a bit lipstick crazy at the moment so there's a few new lippy reviews I'm a put together as well as the well known dupe of Benefits High Beam from Technic which I bought the other day and love! I'm also planning a eyebrow how-to post for one day this week so there should be lots going on.
For now though, here is todays makeup mugshot. Sorry about the eye bags, I was rather hung over this morning and there's only so much that makeup can do!
What I'm Wearing:

  • Max Factor Xperience Weightless foundation in Beige Linen (terrible colour name, just makes me think of dirty sheets, eew!)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer
  • Natural Collection Loose Powder
  • Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls
  • The Balm Hot Mama blusher
  • Technic High Lights highlighter

  • Rimmel London black/brown brow pencil
  • Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in pastel pink
  • Rimmel London Glam eyes liquid eyeliner
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect black mascara
  • M.A.C satin lipstick in Brave
  • Barry M clear lipgloss
  • 17 lip liner in Fawn
Its amazing how much makeup it takes to look normal version of yourself after a night out. It also takes extra time when you have a cat come and sit in the middle of everything whilst you're trying.
Got to love Lolly the Grumpy Kitty!
Annie x

21 June 2012

A Little Bit of Shopping

I feel like I've fallen off the band wagon a little bit in the last couple of days. I'm getting a bit stressed again so I've been trying to cheer myself up. New makeup never fails to cheer me up so it's made a good start.

Now, whilst I enjoyed going a little mad whilst roaming the isles in Boots I am still very aware that I'm meant to be saving money so I tried to stick to the cheaper brands... Except Max Factor but I just HAD to own a Flipstick.
Anyways, what I bought:

  • Natural Collection Sheer Loose Powder- £1.99
  • Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls- £1.99
  • Natural Collection Black/Brown Lash Volume Mascara- £1.99
  • Technic Highlights Highlighter- £2.99
  • Max Factor Flipstick in Gipsy Red- £8.49
  • Max Factor Lipstick in Raisin- £6.99
So over all, not too bad, I spent under £25 and got a nice selection of bits.
I'll write proper reviews on the products as and when I use them. I have a FOTD post lined up for this evening using the Max Factor Raisin lipstick, highlighter and bronzing pearls and so far I've really liked all three so its looking good.
I'm always pleasantly surprised by Natural Collection. I tend not to buy from the range very often because its what I used to wear when I was 14 and first getting into wearing makeup but there's no denying the fact that you can always rely on good quality from them for very little money.

What do you think of my goodies then? I'm most excited by the flipstick, have you tried any of these?
Annie x

20 June 2012

Body Shop Chocomania Beautifying Oil Review

I have a nice day planned today. I'm off into town with Daniel to do a spot of shopping and then its on over to a friends house for paella and movies in front of their freakishly large tv so I'm a very happy lady today.

Its no secret that I love the Chocomania range from The Body Shop so when I heard that they were releasing a range of beautifying oils for your body, face and hair I ordered my chocomania scented bottle straight away.
In the bottle you get 100ml of oil for £9 which is a good size that lasts a while as you need very little each time you use it. I have had this oil for at least two months now and I've probably only used around a 5th.
What I love the most about this product is the amazing chocolate smell. There is no other chocolate scented range I have ever found which smells as amazing as this. The smell is a deep and cosy scent and I find it really comforting. After a while of being worn I find that all of the chocomania range start to soften in scent and smell a lot like a soft vanilla which is very wearable and not at all over powering.
My first concern when I bought the oil was that although it is recommended for face, body and hair, that it would cause a slight oil slick effect if I did use it on my face or hair. However, because the oil is very light and quite dry I found that on my face, if you use a light touch and only very little oil it is actually very good for providing fast hydration without leaving a greasy layer.
On hair you need to be the most careful. The first time I tried this I put a little oil on my finger tips and ran it through my fringe for some extra shine and I was just left with a greasy mess. The trick is to rub a little of the oil into your hands and then scrunch it through the tips of wet hair as you would with a mousse. This doesn't make the hair look greasy but it does keep the ends of your hair beautifully soft and gives them a little texture and definition.
I think that the design of the bottle is very good. Where such a little hole has been left in the lid, it is hard to use too much in one go which could be very easily done otherwise. I think for travel purposes I would have preferred a twist on lid so that you can be sure it wouldn't pop open and leak into your bag but thats just personal opinion and the problem could easily be avoided by wrapping the bottle in a small plastic bag before traveling.

Over all, much like the rest of the range, I really really like this Chocomania beautifying oil. Its light on the skinn, does not leave a greasy feel or look and it smells wonderful so I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a beauty oil for their hair and body but doesn't want to spend too much.
Have you tried any of the Body Shop beautifying oils? What do you think of the range?
Annie x

18 June 2012

Makeup Mugshot #2 + a Sally Hansen Review

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a day off.
Today has been a day of doing very little and just enjoying spending some time with Daniel. We had a friend over for the afternoon and ate wayyy too much pasta before slobbing out on the sofa in front of property hunting programs like old people.
The only reason I bothered with makeup today was so our friend wasn't unfortunate enough to have to see my blank canvas face. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to see people other than Dan and my family without makeup, but for now, fully painted face it is when we have company! (Excuse the photo quality, my little webcam can only manage so much)
What I used:
My base is Garnier BB Cream in light (yes, I'm still trying to get rid of the stuff) which I took the shine off of using my E.l.f clarifying pressed powder. To brighten my cheeks up I used Hot Mama by The Balm. It's one of my favourite summer blushers because it also contains a slight golden shimmer which has a pretty sun kissed look.
To add colour to my eyes I used my Glam Metallics liquid eyeliner by Collection 2000 in the shade Groupie. I picked this up a while back in Asda for just 98p and its a really good dupe for the MAC liquidlast eyeliner in Aqualine which I adored for years before I used it all up. Other than that I just added one coat of Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara and filled in my brows with my usual Rimmel London brow pencil.
To finish off I popped a slick of Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss in Pink Kiss over my lips and ta dah, guest ready Annie! Thank goodness for the 5 minute face eh, this really showed me that I spend most time fiddling with eye shading by far.
I also found some time to paint my nails this fab purple colour today. The colour is Cyber from the Sally Hansen HD collection, and let me tell you, whilst the colour is amazing, it is sooo not worth the effort. To gain opacity it takes 3-4 coats because the formula is so thin and even after waiting hours for the stuff to dry it chipped almost instantly so give me Nails Inc any day over this. Huge disappointment!

Now I do believe it is time to slop in front of a dvd and drink strawberry cider. Yayayay!
How do you spend your days off? Have you found any of the Sally Hansen ranges as disappointing as I've found this one?
Annie x

16 June 2012

17 Fest of All Kit

As I mentioned yesterday, today Ima tell you what I think about the Fest of All Kit which is a little bag of goodies you get free when you spend £6 of 17 products at the moment. I'm not sure how long the offer is on for but it's well worth a look in Boots if you're near one as the kit is pretty fabby.

The kits are all the same so there's no worry that someone will get a better set than you do which is something I like. It always annoys me when there are different colour combinations on offer and I end up with colours totally unsuited to me.
When you open the box you're greeted with a package wrapped in pretty green tissue paper which I thought was a nice touch. When you open this you find the contents; a black kohl eyeliner, a lasting fix polish in the colour "tropical island" and a handbag sized tube of Instant Glow wash off bronzer. Two of the three products are full sized which is a good offer I think.
The eyeliner is a lovely soft pencil which effortlessly gives a nice lot of colour even along the water line. I wore it to work today and it held up well as well in a pretty hot and humid environment.
I haven't given the bronzer a proper trial yet as I've been working a lot and I don't tend to go out of my way enough to bother with tanning just for that! I have tested it on my hand though and whilst it looks scarily dark when coming out of the tube, once rubbed in it gives a very soft colour which gives a nice glow and a fairly natural look.
The nail varnish is a really pretty colour for summer. The formula is pretty good too, I managed to gain opacity in just two coats which dried nice and quickly. The colour is a lovely corally orange which contains a very subtle glitter than is only really visible when the light catches it or in fairly bright light when it twinkles nicely. I was also happy to see that the colour is true to how it looks in the bottle because I'm sick of buying fab looking nail varnishes that look completely different on the nail. I can't comment on longevity as I was only testing this for now and can't wear nail varnish at work but I'll find out for you when I get the chance.

Over all, I was really happy with this set, especially as a free gift where you only need to spend £6 to get it. I will use all of these products so it was well worth the money. Like I say, I'm unsure how long the offer is on, so I'd recommend snapping up your set as soon as possible before they're gone. What do you think of the kit? Are these products you'd use?
Annie x

15 June 2012

Little Payday Shopping Trip

Yay for payday! This will be my last pay cheque from Sainsbury's which feels weird but after being skint for what seems like forever it was oh so welcome! I treated myself to a mini haul from Boots after a tough shift at Debenhams and got a few bits and some fab freebies.
What I got:
I felt like a kid in a sweet shop when I was browsing through the makeup section but I was fairly restrained and also only bought fairly low priced bits and bobs. I got a 17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Mulled Wine which is a pretty shade of dark pink (I'll do a fotd in the next few days to show you), I got a lip liner in Fawn which is a nude shade with a slight highlighting shine which looks good around the top lip and really defines the shape. I also picked up an Extreme felt eyeliner in Teal by Collection 2000 which gives a real kick of deep colour that's long lasting.
One of my advantage card offers was a free glitter eyeshadow when I bought any one 17 item so of course I grabbed my freebie. I went for an olivey green shade called SuperStar which looks really lovely on. It's nice and pigmented and brings out the green in my eyes.
Finally, I picked up a bottle of Boots SkinClear Deep Cleansing Lotion. I like a nice hard working cleanser and I'm running out of my favourite so I thought that for £2.50ish this was worth a go.
At the moment, if you spend £6 on 17 cosmetics, you get a free Fest of All kit which is a cute little set including a full sized nail varnish, kohl eyeliner and a handbag sized tube of Instant Glow body bronzer. I'll do a separate  review of this little kit tomorrow but considering you only need to spend £6 to get the kit and its worth around £10 I'd say you can't lose!

What do you think of my payday goodies? I'm really happy with everything and I only spent just over £12 so I think I did pretty well. What will you be treating yourself to this payday?
Annie x

14 June 2012

Makeup Mugshot #1

Isn't it a shame the bad weather is back?
Work today for me and I'm off to a singing rehearsal in a little bit. I love singing so it will be good to exercise my vocal chords again.
Simple make-up for me today because of work.

  • Garnier BB cream base
  • E.l.f natural radiance blush in coy
  • Rimmel Brow pencil
  • Body Shop gold gel liner
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect black mascara
  • Sally Hansen lipstick in Sunburst
Has anyone tried any good lipsticks recently? I'm looking for some new ones to try, I seem to get bored of lipstick colours fairly quickly. Are the new Flipsticks any good?
Annie x

13 June 2012

Always the Sun- Makeup Look

The sun actually came out today!
I actually got really hot walking down into town to meet my friend for lunch when only a few days ago I would have got soaked from rain so maybe things are looking up.
As most of my regular readers will know I've been pretty stressed out recently so this afternoon I spent some time relaxing and playing with all of my pretty makeup to cheer me up. There's something so therapeutic about putting new looks together. What with the sun being out I haven't been able to get the song "Always the Sun" by The Stranglers out of my head so todays look is inspired by the song and pretty sunny colours :)

I went for big golden smokey eyes rimmed with black for definition, a touch of bronzer around my hairline, down my nose and to contour my cheeks, along with a touch of pink blush to brighten them up and dark red lips dotted with gold gloss to make them look all pretty and plump :)
I created the eye look by using a fluffy brush to cover the whole lid up to the brow bone with light  Bella Pierre gold dust and then used the light gold from my MAC palette to cover the eyelid below the crease. To add depth I used a small shadow brush to apply a darker orange toned  Linda Collinge gold powder and used a blending brush to soften this out and lift the colour at the edge of the eye. I also used a small shadow brush to carry the colour down and around the lower lash line to widen the eye. After this I used a gold Body Shop gel eyeliner close to the top lash line to add a little extra colour to the lid and finished the look with Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara and Ted Baker Pencil Liner in the water line to make the look stand out.
Above is all of the products I used to create all the colourful bits and bobs :P As well as these I used my regular base products which are Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation, Benefit The POREfessional pore refining primer, E.L.F Clarifying Pressed Powder and E.L.F Light Bronzer.

So thats my sunny inspired look. I'm pretty pleased with it to be honest, I love wearing gold, its such a happy colour.
What do you think? Do you wear a lot of gold makeup? I really like two tone lips, are you keen?
Annie x

11 June 2012

NOTD- Fluorescent!

I am still persisting with my, perhaps overly optimistic, summer preparation.
Last night I decided to do a spot of nail art and came up with these bright pink nails with a white stripe and pearlescent blue spots. I really like the look and think they would be perfect for partying and relaxing on a hot beach on holiday this summer :)
For the fluorescent pink base colour I used W7 "fluorescent pink 1" which I picked up in Next a few weeks ago for £2.50. It has a great formula and you could probably get away with only using one coat but I used two. It dries quickly and streak free and it really is VERY bright (seriously, the pictures don't even begin to show how bright)
Over the top I used my trusty nail art pens to draw a white stripe with the uber thin brush tip and then dotted the blue using the needle tip. I was pretty happy with how the look, even on the pesky other hand and managed to keep both hands looking neat which is a first :P

What do you think of my crazy bright nails? They make me think of Mallorca and drinking way too much.
Annie x

10 June 2012

Lush- The Comforter Bubble Bar Review

Lush bubble bars are one of my favourite indulgences. The way I see it is that whilst they are fairly expensive, I don't smoke and I hardly drink so I can afford to treat myself to a bubble bar every couple of weeks.

My favourite by far is The Comforter which is one of the biggest bars and costs £4.15. It has a pretty dark pink and white swirly pattern and smells lovely and sweet; like mixed berries. I split this into quarters so that I get four baths from it and our bath is pretty big so some people might be able to stretch it to five baths.
When you crumble the bar under a running tap the water instantly starts to foam and turn a pretty shade of pink and by the time you've finished running the bath, there are mounds and mounds of  frothy bubbles which are nice and long lasting.
I was worried to begin with that the bath would end up stained slightly pink but even after using lots of these its still perfectly fine so no worries there. The scent is really lovely too, not too overpowering which I think a lot of people may worry about when giving the solid bar a sniff in store. I find that it lingers lightly on the skin for a little while as well as in the bathroom but not to the extent of some of the Lush bath bombs such as Butterball which has a scent that lingers for days.

Over all, I really love this bubble bar, and would definitely go as far as to say it's my favourite. If you like the Lush bubble bars and haven't given this a go yet then you should, its fab :)

Have you tried this bubble bar? Which bar is your favourite?
Annie x

9 June 2012

May Empties

A little late this month what with it already being June 9th but oh well, here are my empties from May. A pretty good month and I have a few more bottles with a piddly (haha, auto-correct wants to make that puddly) little bit of product left so its looking good for June too. There really is something so satisfying about using products up.

Icare Eye Makeup Remover Pads- Very little to say. I always re-buy these and am already nearing the end of another pack.
Nivea Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes- You can't beat these for getting rid of makeup with ease. They're really gentle on skin and the bumpy texture gently cleanses skin.
Sainsbury's Extracare Toothpaste- One of the few toothpastes that don't make me feel sick after use. Does anyone else get that problem? But hey, its toothpaste, what else can I say?

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo- Loved this shampoo, I tend to be a cheapskate and buy whatever is on offer, but I would definitely re-buy this because it leaves my hair feeling sooo soft.
Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Conditioner- I'm already working my way through another bottle of this. It is by far my favourite conditioner, it works so well and really does make the red in my hair shine brightly. And it smells of sweeties so what more could a girl want?!

Calvin Klein Long Lasting Pressed Powder- Hmm, this was a lovely powder and it set foundation really well but it did run out very quickly. There isn't much product in the pot so for that reason I don't think I would fork out again, and instead I'll go for a cheaper powder because I'm on a bit of a tight budget at the moment.
Liz Earle Colour Sheer Tint- I hated this, and I mean really hated it. The formula was annoying to work with and it made my face smell really starchy and of potatoes to be frank. I could hardly bear to leave it on my face and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion- This was a completely different story to the Liz Earle sample. I was really sad when this ran out. A little of this product goes a really long way and I was honestly using this for nearly a month before it ran out. The smell is really nice and I found that my skin felt silky smooth and rehydrated after each application. When I have enough money, I will definitely be re-purchasing this.

Innovate Lemon Nail Varnish Remover Wipes- I think everyone knows where I stand on nail varnish wipes. Needless to say, these will not be making their way back into my life.
Comfort Zone Tranquility Cream- A really lovely cream. This felt really indulgent to use but due to the price I think I'll stick to my beloved body butter.
The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter- Talking of my beloved body butter, here it is. I could rave about this stuff for hours, I honestly love it. Everyone should own a tub. I've already replaced this and will again and again :)

Phew, thats all of them! Have you got many empties this month? Link me across to your empties posts!
Annie x

What Happened?

Where has the week gone?
I have a load of photos taken ready to be turned into lots of posts yet somehow its got to Friday night and none of them have happened :O I haven't even posted my May empties yet and with it being gone midnight, its just turned into the 9th June already!
So what happened?
Well after a few stressful weeks I've taken full advantage of the relaxed party feel of jubilee week and taken a bit of TLC. Its been so lovely and restful. Dan and I have made the most of the week and spent a lot of time relaxing on the sofa watching DVD's, drinking the odd glass of wine and eating too many chocolate raisins, and it has been total bliss. I've caught up with the last few issues of Grazia, finished the 50 Shades of Grey series (well worth a read btw, I'll write a review) and really tried to de-stress a little so sorry once again for my lack of attention, but from now on, its back tot he beauty and when I finish work tomorrow I will be posting my May empties and planning next weeks posts so that I don't forget.
Oh, and for anyone who didn't know, I am a complete Potterhead so heres a spot of Pottertastic loving :)

Anyway, what have you been up to this week?
Annie x

7 June 2012

Summer Style- Tropical Cocktail Party

Despite the weather, I'm still optimistic that summer will finally be here soon.
I love summer, I love cocktails and I love parties so what better than a tropical summer cocktail party to spend an evening. Dan and I have even thrown a tropical themed party for New Year before, everyone froze and it was snowy outside but we had an amazing time :)
So here's my tropical party mood board!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Tropical parties are all about fun and colour so think balloons, fancy cocktails, fresh fruit and colourful decorations.
I chose a simple black and white dress with a pretty palm tree pattern because it would be very easy to look OTT in bright bold prints, but pair a simple coloured dress with bright shoes and fun accessories for an easier to wear look.
I found the decorations on The Party Works which is a fab site for all manner of fun decorations. How cute are the floral cups?
The bamboo outdoor torches are a great way to light the garden after dark. They cast a really beautiful light and last a long time without burning out. They can be bought in a wide range of colours and aren't very expensive.
And of course I had to include my all time favourite cocktail, Pina Colada which is a must for any cocktail party!

And there you have one gret fun tropical cocktail party!
Annie x

5 June 2012

Sizzling Swimwear- Guest Post from Mike

So, the jubilee weekend is over, and life is getting back to normal for everyone tomorrow. I've been a bit naughty with my blogging over the last few days because I've been having a lovely time doing all sorts. But I'm back and now the jubilee is out of the way, its time to think about SUMMER! Over the next couple of weeks I have lots of summery posts lined up to get us all in the mood for one of the best times of the year :) Today starts things off with a guest post from Mike (thats right, my first male guest blogger!) who has written a post about the trauma that is choosing swimwear. I go on holiday in August and I'm already panicking about where to find a pretty tankini in a 38F :S Anyways, over to Mike. And remember, if you'd like to guest post here on Three Little Búhos then drop me a line on threelittlebuhos@hotmail.co.uk and I'll get back to you!
Annie x

Sizzling Swimwear for Women and Men:
Packing to go on a sun seeking holiday, or waiting until the British summer appears? However you’re soaking up the sun this year, you’re going to want stunning swimwear. For women, this season’s beach wear comes in great colours and flattering styles, whereas men’s swimwear features timeless designs and practical style.
Let’s start with the huge range of swimwear for women. Understanding that not every woman wants to wear a G-string bikini, designers have come up with styles and palettes to suit everyone. That means you can be comfortable on the beach and get on with the important business of enjoying yourself. Blue is a big colour this year, both in the fashion houses and on the high street, and there are plenty of flattering swimsuits and bikinis that use blue to great effect – perfect for contrasting with tanned skin. Cleverly-placed patterns and panels create figure-defining swimwear for women who like to relax by the pool without worrying about how they look.
For men’s swimwear, shorts are the way to go. Versatile, comfortable and leaving you immune from any embarrassment when it comes to dive-bombing into the hotel pool, a good quality pair of swim shorts can be worn with a t-shirt and flip-flops to a beach barbecue without anyone batting an eyelid. With great colours, cool designs, comfortable fit and affordable prices, shorts like these are a must-have holiday purchase.
Swimwear for women and men has to meet certain criteria. It’s got to look good – this is the time when you wear the fewest clothes in public – it’s got to last, and it’s got to be practical. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you buying a piece of swimwear for actually swimming in, and another piece just for looking cool on the beach, but whether you’re strutting or surfing, quality always counts – and it always shows. Men’s swimwear is a growing market and you’re sure to find a style that works for you without too much hassle. The market for women is wider, which means much more choice, so you just have to start planning earlier.
If you’re planning a trip, don’t just rely on last year’s swimwear. For women, it’s a great excuse to check out the latest styles and freshen up your beach wardrobe and as far as men’s swimwear is concerned – buy something you like and something that fits, so that you’re confident you’re going to look your best. And with all that investment in new swimwear, who knows who you’ll meet by the pool?
Mike Tyler is a stylist and infrequent blogger. You can connect with Mike and show him some love on Twitter @FashiondudeMike

3 June 2012

Emotional Brilliance

I expect lots of you lovely ladies who are interested in Lush have seen the new video on their website promoting a mysterious new range that will be released within stores in July.

Like everyone else I am itching to know what the range might be, isn't that always the way when a product launch is veiled in so much secrecy?!
Being the cosmetic detective extraordinaire that I am (haha, yeah right) I have watched the video again and again to try and work out what the exciting new range could be. On an unrelated note, how fab is the song? I wish I could download that alone!

The above picture is a screenshot from the video. There's a lot of reference in the video to "painting" and "colouring" among all of the bright shapes and pretty patterns. Looking at all the brightly coloured bottles I immediately think of the MAC lustre drops bottles only the colours are wayyy brighter. My other thought was possibly they house brightly coloured hair dyes. Maybe cruelty free bright temporary dyes? Or the other thought was that maybe Lush will release a nail varnish colection. Being a makeup junkie I personally hope for a makeup range but I guess only time will tell.

So those are my thoughts on the new Emotional Brilliance range and I will be so excited to finally find out what the range will be.
What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to seeing the new range?
Annie x

2 June 2012

The Lust List- May

A late night post from me today, sorry about that! I fell asleep for three hours after work so my body clock is a little out.
I missed writing my Lust List last month so its back again!
1. How cute are these little animals rings? I, of course, love the owl ring and I also have a bit of a soft spot for the hedgehog!

2. A little geeky (I blame Dan for getting me reading Questionable Content) but if anyone was to ever buy me a cuddly Winslow then I would love them forever!

3. I am so in love with Benefit blushers. When I had an in store make-over the lovely Benebabe used Hervana on me and it was such a soft, pretty colour.

4. Paul and Joe never fail to make fab makeup products which also look amazing. I really like the cat collection lipsticks but this one is my favourite as it has paw prints all over the bullet instead of a cats head which I would feel guilty about using. And isn't that colour just gorgeous?

5. Yay for pretty night wear. This chemise by Ted Baker for Debenhams catches my eye every time I go to work. It's so hard to resist buying one!

6. Ok, I'll admit it, when I first saw this on the Fiorelli website I so nearly screamed out with delight. It is almost a perfect copy of their Cabana bag that I fell so madly in love with last year but couldn't justify buying. The torturous thing is, now they have brought out the (possibly even nicer) Marion bag I simply can't afford it this year so it looks like I'll still be going without :(

7. Lat but not least is the Sunny Side bubble bar from Lush. Their bubble bars are really fun and make bath time extra special. I love that this one is soooo glittery!

So theres my May Lust List. What were you lusting over during May? Are you wanting any of these goodies as well?
Annie x

1 June 2012

She Said Beauty- June Box Review

Isn't it a shame to see grey skies and rain again after such fab weather?
Yesterday I received my June She Said Beauty box which cheered me up no end. I have been generally really happy with She Said Beauty so far as they give a nice variety of products and I've had at least one full sized product each month but I did roll my eyes this month a little when I was greeted with another set of false lashes. Thats three out of four of their boxes that have contained a pair now. Please send something different next month She Said Beauty! There's only so many pairs of OTT lashes that my cupboard can contain!

So here's what I got:
Over all, I thought this was another good box. Inside there was six samples and I'll use five of them :)

  • Yardley London Royal Diamond- I was hesitant when I first saw this because I associate Yardley with sickly sweet floral scents but this is actually really nice. It reminds me of Chloe Eau De Parfum which I really love.
  • Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream- This is a full sized 30ml tube which is worth £6 alone so I was happy to get this in my box. It conditions really well and leaves my hands feeling lovely and soft. The scant is a little strong for my liking. It smells of rose which I like if the scent is soft but I think this is just a little heavy and it lingers for a long time.
  • Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir- I was really happy to get this as I've given it a sniff a few times in shops and loved the scent but not been able to justify the price tag. I haven't used it yet but I've heard some lovely things in the past. The smell is really deep and relaxing and it contains cocoa butter to soften skin.
  • St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturuser- This has been the stand out product for me in this box. I'm so pale that I've always been nervous when it comes to self tan so I think a gradual tan probably leaves me less room for mistakes. After all, everyone can get moisturising right cant they! The sample is a generous 75ml so should last long enough for me to get some colour on my legs.
  • Lets Go lashes- Lets face it, I have little left to say about these. They are the only downside to the box in my opinion. There are so many other products out there to try, I'm so fed up of getting false lashes! I'll be honest, this brand of lashes are all over the place at the moment; in Glossybox, in She Said Beauty and I also got a pair in my iFabbo goody bag so I don't feel like they're very exciting any more.
  • *bonus* Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream- This was a lovely little extra, especially as it was the only make-up sample in the box. I don't know much about this cream but there is no set shades and it claims to be nude coverage so it seems a little more like a primer to me but we'll see.
Over all, I'm really happy with this box, I just hope the false lash obsession ends soon because I feel I may soon drown under the sea of lashes my cupboard contains!
What are your thoughts of this months box? Were you as happy as me?
Annie x