3 June 2012

Emotional Brilliance

I expect lots of you lovely ladies who are interested in Lush have seen the new video on their website promoting a mysterious new range that will be released within stores in July.

Like everyone else I am itching to know what the range might be, isn't that always the way when a product launch is veiled in so much secrecy?!
Being the cosmetic detective extraordinaire that I am (haha, yeah right) I have watched the video again and again to try and work out what the exciting new range could be. On an unrelated note, how fab is the song? I wish I could download that alone!

The above picture is a screenshot from the video. There's a lot of reference in the video to "painting" and "colouring" among all of the bright shapes and pretty patterns. Looking at all the brightly coloured bottles I immediately think of the MAC lustre drops bottles only the colours are wayyy brighter. My other thought was possibly they house brightly coloured hair dyes. Maybe cruelty free bright temporary dyes? Or the other thought was that maybe Lush will release a nail varnish colection. Being a makeup junkie I personally hope for a makeup range but I guess only time will tell.

So those are my thoughts on the new Emotional Brilliance range and I will be so excited to finally find out what the range will be.
What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to seeing the new range?
Annie x


  1. Yeah it kind of looks like something to do with make up. I really hope it is since I'm a make up fanatic haha! The bright colours are certainly intriguing.


    1. Yeah, I'm really hoping for makeup, I'd love to be able to use makeup from Lush because I'm so happy with their ethics xx

  2. I'm guessing would be makeup. I hope so!

    Just found your blog through blog-hop, following you :)

    Hope you can check out my blog some time too, http://mui28.blogspot.com

    1. Yeah, a lot of people seem to be thinking makeup. I'd be so happy if it is, I loved their original makeup selection that they discontinued.
      Thanks for the follow, I'll check you out now xx