28 September 2016

The Latest from Three Little Búhos Stationery

Nearly one month in, things are going really well for Three Little Búhos Stationery.
So much so that I have widened the range. I have lots more stock on the way to tempt you, and the first few new items are starting to go live.
In the last few days I have added three new products. So what do we have?
First up are these beautiful rose gold metal pens. I am totally in love with these. There are two options in stock; pink crystals or clear crystals, and I can't decide which I prefer. These are great to write with and rather than clicking up, you just twist the pen which keeps things a lot sleeker I think.
I also added these super cute plush Totoro pencil cases. What drew me to these (aside from Totoro of course!) is their size. there is plenty of room inside for all of your stationery essentials. They're lovely and soft as well as being nice and sturdy. The quality is also really good so there's no need to worry about Totoro looking sorry for himself after a few outings.
The third new product is another pencil case. This one is a smaller option, great for carrying in a handbag if you're always on the go. The cute bears pencil case has room for around 15-20 pens and pencils on average and the light material means that it's easily able to be kept in small spaces as you travel.

The one problem I've found is that, because I'm always surrounded by beautiful stationery, I just want to keep one of everything!
I have more new products coming up over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. You can favourite Three Little Búhos Stationery on Etsy *here* so that you are always the first to hear when I add new goodies to the range.

Annie x


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