20 September 2016

Creating the Spread # 2

I've been a little AWOL the last few days because I'm staying away from home this week and decided to give myself a few days of laziness before getting back to my normal routine.
Because I'm staying away from home, I don't have all of my usual planning supplies with me. Don't get me wrong, I definitely brought plenty with me, but not everything!
I always start off by adding washi tape to the blank page to add some instant pattern. This Grumpy Kitty Washi is available from Three Little Búhos Stationery *here*. Usually I separate the days and my dashboard using skinny washi tape but since I didn't bring any I thought I'd attempt some bullet journal style headers instead. The "this week" sticker is a custom order from Isabelle the Owl *here*.
The next step is to fill my dashboard with any little things. I also usually add the weekly menu, but this week I'm not in charge of what we eat so I'm going to add it in afterwards as a memoir. I also add a any appointments or events that are set in stone so that I won't forget them later on. The stickers in my dash board are from Ugly Bug Does *here* where you can use THREELITTLEBUHOS10 for 10% off your order and the mini to do list stickers are from Lilac & Dot *here* where you can use ANNIE10 for 10% off your order.
Now it's time for the writing. Rather than lists of chores, this week my lists are full of nice things that I'm going. I may only be staying with my partners parents but it's lovely and relaxing. I also add practical stickers at this point to go with the to do lists.
Finally, decorate! I fill in all of the little gaps so that my page is nice and full of colour and interest. Because I only brought some stickers, the majority I have used are b Ugly Bug Does and Lilac & Dot, but I have also used a super cute unicorn sticker from Beautiful Planning *here*, several stickers (including Pusheen) from Harriet Wright Designs *here* and a few randoms that I had in my handbag (as you do!).

And, done! I actually really like this weeks page. I can't decide whether I prefer the drawn dividers to the skinny washi I normally use. I think from now on I'll use a combination of both.

Annie x


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