30 October 2016

Boxcitement September Box Review

Boxcitement is a monthly subscription box for stationery, crafts, jewellery and gift lovers.
Each month the Boxcitement team choose a theme and craft the boxes around that idea. This month's theme was Patternista and celebrates pattern. It also happens to be Boxcitement's first birthday so there's a slight birthday vibe going on too.
So, what's in the box?...Well, the short answer is, lots!
I was amazed when I opened the little letterbox friendly box at just how much had been neatly tucked inside. It was like an explosion of colour and exciting goodies!
First up is a selection of crafty bits. There is a pack of four mini greetings cards that have been made using the exclusive Patternista designs. My favourite is the light blue thank you card, it's incredibly cute. There was a large sheet of patterned decoupage paper which has a different pattern on either side. I think I will be more likely to use this as wrapping paper because it's a really useful size. There is also a couple of pretty ribbons to use when decorating gifts or creating something crafty.
Next up were a couple of cute pieces of jewellery. One is to celebrate the first birthday of Boxcitement and is a dinky string bracelet with a mini cupcake bead. I've actually used this as a charm for my planner by shortening the string slightly and hooking it over the rings of my Filofax. The other bracelet is made using a handmade, etched glass bead. Unfortunately, as beautiful as the bead is, the bracelet itself is made using very cheap chain so isn't something that I would wear. Because of this, I rescued the bead and turned that into another planner charm :) The final accessory is a sugar skull shaped emery board in a fab shade of bright yellow. I love this! It's sat on my desk full time now.
Lastly, the box also included a few lifestyle bits. My favourite item in the box is a bright pink and white geometric patterned tea towel. Pretty and practical! I haven't had enough pink in my life since moving in with Tom! Also adding some pretty to the kitchen, is a set of colourful storage labels for our tea, coffee and sugar pots. Finally, last but not least, is a pretty bookmark decorated with the Patternista prints. I'm a big reader so this will definitely get plenty of use.

Over all, I'm pretty happy with this box. I love the variety and as I mentioned at the start of the post, I was amazed by how much you receive, however, there were a few items in the box that I could perhaps do without such as the ribbons and the glass bead bracelet. This is because I don't think they really added anything to the box that wasn't already there so for me they were slight overkill. But, other than this, I think this box was a really strong offering and I'm looking forward to seeing what next month brings!

You can find out all about Boxcitement, see contents from past boxes and subscribe from £15 per month *here*.

Annie xx

12 October 2016

Plenty of Pens!

Pens seem to be the flavour of the week here at Three Little Búhos Stationery, and we certainly have lots of them in stock at the moment (yay!).
Pens have always been one of my favourite stationery items so it's fab to see that you all love to buy them too. Over the last couple of weeks I have widened the range of pens that we have in stock, and there are still more to come!
Totoro pens went live last week. I couldn't resist the little faces on these pens and knew I needed to stock them. These write in black gel pen ink and have been cleverly designed with Totoro sitting on the lid so that when you remove the lid, his weight doesn't make it hard to write.

The ultimate accessory for planner royalty! I adore these golden crown pens that went live on Saturday. They come in cream, pink and blue and I definitely wish I could keep one of each. They write in blue biro ink and are the perfect size to carry on the go, or stash in your planner for easy access.
These little cuties were added to the site this afternoon and I can't stop staring at all of the sweetie shop colours. They have 0.5mm nibs that are perfect for people like me who naturally have smaller writing that gets smooshed by a larger nib.

One thing that all of these pens have in common is that they are perfect for brightening up even the dullest of desks, so if you're looking for a touch of colour, know someone else who is, or if you've begun your Christmas shopping, then these make lovely little stocking fillers.

You can find them all on Three Little Búhos Stationery *here*.

Annie x

3 October 2016

Ohh Deer Papergang Box 7 Review

I always find that subscription box deliveries make the months fly by even faster. It seems like so recently that I was writing last months box review that I couldn't quite believe it when this one arrived.
This month is full of colour and variety. I love a touch of originality and Ohh Deer products certainly have that.
There seems to be less of a theme this month than you would find in usual boxes (animals, maybe?) but I like that because it means that there is likely to be a bit of something for everyone.
So, what was included?
Animal goodness!
First up is a sheet of Zoological gift wrap designed by Jessica Willan (RRP £1.75). Hands up, I love this. All of the animals are wearing party hats! When unfolded you find all sorts of unexpected animals on there including a skunk, ram, goldfish, guinea pig and a poodle! So beautifully random.
Each box also contains two randomly chosen gift cards (RRP £2.50 each). The Hedgehugging card is just super cute and is likely to be sent to my mum at some point along the line because I think she'd appreciate it too. :)
I'm a self confessed planner addict so I was thrilled to find the My Week Turquoise Ombre Planner designed by Jamie Mitchell (RRP £9.95) in this months box. I love the watercolour shades of the cover and the zip lock pouch on the back which make it easy to carry pens and bits of paper etc around with you. The pages are also well designed. They are undated meaning that you can pick the planner up any week of the year you choose and start from there. There is a blank section for each day as well as a section for appointments and times. Great for busy work schedules!
The Stop Procrastinating post it notes (RRP£3.50) are something that I have eyed up on the website multiple times in the past but never gotten around to buying so I was really excited to finally own a set. They are the size of normal post it notes and each pad is made up of 100 sheets "to make jobs slightly less dull" as they state on the back of the pack. Fab :)
Finally is this months Riso Printed Calendar page, which I have noticed doesn't have a price listed with it this month, so maybe Ohh Deer have realised that it makes little sense to advertise them as a single month. Who knows. But I do really like the apricot pink neon shade that was used.

Over all, this box is a lot more in line with previous months than box 6 was, and to me, it seems a good, rounded representation of the things that Ohh Deer sell so I'm more than happy with it. I'm hoping for something a little festive from the next box but maybe that's me being a little premature!

Annie x