12 October 2016

Plenty of Pens!

Pens seem to be the flavour of the week here at Three Little Búhos Stationery, and we certainly have lots of them in stock at the moment (yay!).
Pens have always been one of my favourite stationery items so it's fab to see that you all love to buy them too. Over the last couple of weeks I have widened the range of pens that we have in stock, and there are still more to come!
Totoro pens went live last week. I couldn't resist the little faces on these pens and knew I needed to stock them. These write in black gel pen ink and have been cleverly designed with Totoro sitting on the lid so that when you remove the lid, his weight doesn't make it hard to write.

The ultimate accessory for planner royalty! I adore these golden crown pens that went live on Saturday. They come in cream, pink and blue and I definitely wish I could keep one of each. They write in blue biro ink and are the perfect size to carry on the go, or stash in your planner for easy access.
These little cuties were added to the site this afternoon and I can't stop staring at all of the sweetie shop colours. They have 0.5mm nibs that are perfect for people like me who naturally have smaller writing that gets smooshed by a larger nib.

One thing that all of these pens have in common is that they are perfect for brightening up even the dullest of desks, so if you're looking for a touch of colour, know someone else who is, or if you've begun your Christmas shopping, then these make lovely little stocking fillers.

You can find them all on Three Little Búhos Stationery *here*.

Annie x


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