30 October 2015

My Little Box: The Creative Box

This month My Little Box have teamed up with the almighty force that is Pinterest to put together The Creative Box.
I'll be honest, when I first saw that this box was all about creativity and in collaboration with Pinterest I was pretty excited and expected something a little bit special. Whilst I really like everything that came in this box, I was a little disappointed in the creativity level. I was hoping for some cute stickers or a notepad or something along those lines and possibly more creative bits than beauty bits, but like I say, everything that was in the box is lovely. So what did I get?
 In the box this month I received a My Little Box tote bag with the message "Collect moments not things" which is the perfect size to keep my swimming things in and is a definite upgrade from my Sainsbury's carrier bag!
I also received a little packet of tech jewellery which are very similar to hama beads but have a little slit taken out down one side so that you can wrap them around headphone cables, phone chargers etc to keep them safe as well as looking fab.
This months beauty products are all about the skincare. I received a tube of My Little Beauty Creme De Minuit (Midnight ream) which is a rich night cream full of shea butter and cranberry which leaves skin feeling beautiful and smells great as well.
I also received a tube of Talika Photo-hydra Day Cream which I haven't used yet but I've heard good things about. The cream claims to use energy from natural light to help work its way deeper into the skin and moisturise. I'll be giving this a good try out when I've finished my current day cream.
Finally, I received a bottle of gorgeous AINY Skincare Huile Holistique for face, body and spirit. This is my favourite product from the box and I coat myself in it every night before climbing into bed. It smells beautiful and I have really noticed that my skin has been looking brighter and feeling so smooth. Its a pricey product but I know already that I'm going to be replacing it when I run out!

Overall, despite being less of a creative box than I was hoping for, I was really happy with everything I received. I'm already looking forward to seeing what the next box brings.

Do you receive My Little Box? What did you think of this months offering?

Annie xx