13 January 2015

Happy Belated New Year

I'm a little late to the New Year celebrations I know. Since New Years Day I've been ridiculously ill and not able to face the computer so things are a little behind schedule!
Along with most people I've made several resolutions to myself for 2015 and so far I've been sticking to them- as much as illness has allowed at least- and I've been feeling good for it.
  1. Keep a diary- above is a photo of my beautiful new Filofax which I am using to keep track of appointments, schedule blog posts, jot ideas and generally keep a record of anything special to me :)
  2. Drop a dress size- I'm perfectly happy as a UK size 16 but in the interests of making sure I stay fit and healthy I'm looking forward to shifting some weight :)
  3. Take  packed lunch to work every day except one treat day a week- such a simple way to save money and avoid temptation from all of Bath's cafes, but everyone deserves a treat on a Friday :)
  4. Write down one thing every day that has made me smile- no matter how small, I think it's important to sit down at the end of the day and think of one thing that has made it special for you so that you always end on a high note :)
  5. Cut down on drinking- no more hangovers for this girl! After two weeks of having an infection in my head that feels exactly like the worst hangover in the world, I have no desire to ever feel this way again, let alone inflict it upon myself! :)
  6. Stop standing in my own way by doubting myself- no one ever got anywhere by doubting their own intelligence or ability and I'm starting to see that I'm not all that bad and that I need to embrace my strengths :)
Mostly little things, but all together, already living 2015 by these resolutions I am happy and excited to see what the year brings.

Have you made any resolutions this year? What are yours? Are you managing to stick to them?

Annie xx


  1. Love this post perfect resolutions! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, it's like my baby :P I spend too much time playing with it just because I can haha

  3. Great resolutions! And your planner is very cute. :-)

    1. Thank you :) Hopefully they're realistic resolutions!x

  4. Ugh, I really need to ct down on drinking too. Cheers to that.