15 January 2015

My Beauty Weakness- Makeup that is just too Pretty

I've been doing a lot of re-organising and de-cluttering over the last few days. Yesterday I tackled my vast makeup collection and realised just how much of a beauty hoarder I am. I have a set of Ikea Helmer drawers that are full to brimming with makeup. I use a lot of it fairly regularly and some occasionally, however, it was only as I sorted through that I noticed a third type; makeup that I have bought but simply cannot bring myself to use because it is just too pretty.
All of the makeup above falls into this category. Take the Holika Holika Midnight Owl palette for example, I fell in love with this because of my owl addiction, the gentle colours, the originality of the entire thing, yet have only used it once because I don't want to blur the pattern. The same is the case with the Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear blusher, I just cannot bring myself to wear down at the beautiful textured top which gives the product its individuality.
 Although I've only just realised it, beauty brands have turned me into a hoarder by appealing to my desire to own something beautiful. I even have lipsticks swirled with pretty colours and with the bullet shaped into hearts. All designed to be looked at and cooed over rather than used.
And that is exactly the point. I have realised that by making products look beautiful, brands have found a way to ensure that, even if I do not need a new pink toned blusher, or eye shadow palette, by making a product look so special and exclusive, people are always going to lust after it.

I figure though that everyone has their weaknesses, I guess this is mine and I am a fickle person. I'm fine with that ...however, I do wish it didn't mean that I need to find room for my personal gallery of pretty things :P

What are your beauty weaknesses? Do you fall for overly pretty products like I do?

Annie xx

PS. thank you for all of the lovely feedback on my last post, they made me smile. I have received a few emails asking about my planner including how I use it and how I have organised it so I'm thinking about doing a post or two about that and how to create a pretty planner. Let me know if that's something you would be interested in seeing :) x


  1. Those are such pretty blushers! My weakness are pretty lipsticks :X


    1. Hehe, I'm a sucker for lipsticks too. Especially hot pinks :P x

  2. Thank you :) I'll check out your blog now x

  3. I am totally guilty of this! I look at some of my makeup and think "I NEVER wear this - I really should give this away." But I can't... it's just so pretty. I'm that way with handbags. My first two designer bags (purchased years ago) were agonized over endlessly until I made the plunge. Now I never carry them but I love them both so much, I just can't let them go. They're so pretty to look at!

  4. Beautiful where did you get the owl one x