18 January 2015

A little Shopping Trip

Sunday already, where does time go?
Yesterday I went shopping with my lovely mummy and did a little late sales shopping. Now that it's getting towards the end of January, the sales have really taken it up a notch so it's worth having a little look around for some good bargains.
We took a trip to the Swindon Designer Outlet where I picked up these goodies.
Now, I have been sending pleading emails to The Body Shop for a long time now, begging them to bring back the lychee blossom range properly to all of the stores but with no success, so I was really excited to find that they had the shower gel in the outlet shop and grabbed a couple. They also had a multi item discount on which meant that I only paid £4.10 for them both :)
I manage to be pretty restrained in the Yankee Candle Outlet and just picked up these two Christmas Cookie tarts for 45p a piece. I was hoping to find a small jar of Candy Cane Lane whilst they were only £2.99 but clearly everyone else had the same idea because they were sold out already.
I've never been a tea drinker despite being overly British in a lot of ways, however, I really enjoy the Whittard's fruit teas. I hadn't tried this flavour until seeing it sampled in the shop. It is delicious! Mango and lychee are two of my favourite flavours and this is like a match made in heaven. Light, fruity and uplifting. I think it will be great cold in the summer too with lots of ice and fruit :)
Finally, Thorntons! Two 490g boxes of Continentals for £10 so we got one each to satisfy the chocolate cravings ;)

I also picked up a pretty floral dress for work and a lovely soft black jumper sporting a gold and purple fox from French Connection and a pair of black ankle boots from M&S. I have to say a big thank you to mum for the boots and the dress as she spoilt me with those.

My final buy, I am embarrassed to admit, was an Ian Somerhalder 2015 calender...I feel like such a fan girl but he's just so pretty that I couldn't resist :P Please tell me I'm not the only one?!?

So that's my little haul from this weekend. Have you been sales shopping? What have you bought? Do you also have a rather guilty crush on Ian Somerhalder?!?...it can't just be me!

Annie xx

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  1. Chocolate is a complete essential. I am so jealous right now.