23 January 2015

Guest Post- Bag the Job with your Blog

Today's post is from a lovely guest blogger called Lizzie who writes over on Lizzaboo which is her beauty and fashion blog. I really enjoy looking at Lizzie's blog, there is a lot of variety and the posts are always honest, on point and well written. You should go and take a look :)

Bag The Job With Your Blog
Last year I was stuck in a bit of a job rut and felt as though I really needed to start pushing myself.
With no room to grow in my position I thought it was about time I started looking for something that would help me flourish.
My blog has always managed to gain me some incredible opportunities so I thought that using it as tool to gain a new career would be ideal.
Everything I’ve learnt through blogging I could put into action into my new career, and like an extension to my CV, my blog would help my future employer know what I’m all about.
As I know many people will be looking for a new job in 2015 I thought I would share with you the steps I took to bagging my dream job, all with the help of my little blog.
Do Your Research
Although I’d signed up to a few recruitment agencies, it seems as though they’re still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to finding the perfect position, so I took it upon myself to do my own job search.
Rather than go through the usual Google search I decided to use more modern methods.
Looking on twitter under various hashtags and through Facebook helped me to stumble across a few roles up for grabs.
I also looked on company websites that I thought would be cool to work with, even some big brand names.
Just spending an hour a day using different resources helped me find places that the traditional recruitment agencies would never have even thought of.
Get Talking
After I’d found companies I had an interest in I started to do a little social stalking.
You can find out so much about a company from their social sites.
So once I felt that a company had a good approach to their employees and customers, I started to get involved with their twitter conversations.
This is a great way to start getting yourself noticed and to find common ground with any future colleagues. It’s a little trick I learnt from this article, which tells you how to get an interview with anyone!
Impress Their Socks Off
I came to realise in my job search that everyone sends emails.
And even as someone without a huge blog inboxes can become a nightmare to keep on top of.
So knowing that I didn’t want my email to just become another number I decided to take matters into my hands and invest in a little self-promotion.
Polishing up my CV, I popped it into a neon orange envelope a long with a packet of sweets, and a USB stick like this one, filled with some pieces of works as well as articles from my blog.
It might have cost me a small penny, but if I was going to set myself apart I had to make an impact and separate myself from the usual suspects.
Get Bloggy With It
Once I’d done all I could to lay the groundwork of my future career, I started posting more regularly on my blog with articles that my future employer might find relevant.
Promoting it through all of my social channels and even tagging the company in my post meant they’d have an instant notification of my article.
Having a blog has never been more beneficial than when you can use it to go into a new role that perhaps years ago, would have only been available to those with specific qualifications.
If there’s a job you’re longing to get into utilise your blog and show them what you can do.

Thank you Lizzie for the post.
If any other bloggers would like to write a guest post to be hosted on Three Little Buhos then please feel free to contact me :)

Annie xx

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