27 June 2012

M.A.C Satin Lipstick in Brave

So, the other day I bought possibly the most gorgeous lipstick I have ever owned. I played around with Brave which is one of the satin lipsticks in M.A.C's extensive collection on Thursday and then couldn't get it out of my mind so I just had to go back on Saturday and grab one.
Everyone knows that I am a complete makeup junkie so its no surprise that I adore all products M.A.C and its fair to say that their lipsticks are some of the best around so I was clearly powerless to resist.
The satin finish range appeal to me as I have never been a fan of frosted or shimmer finishes on my lips, I think it looks a little odd on me. The satin finish range has a very slight sheen to it when caught by the light but it has a far more matte look finish without being drying like most completely matte shades you can buy from other brands.
Brave is a fairly neutral pink toned shade. It is just slightly darker pink than my lips so gives a soft and polished look without being too bold. I like to use it when I'm going for brighter eyes so that my lips don't detract from the eye.
The consistency is lovely and creamy and applies very easily and gives great coverage with very little effort. I find the colour is very long lasting, especially when you aren't eating or drinking so for me it's perfect for work where the colour is subtle enough but will stay put during a busy shift.
(sorry for the slightly blurred lips!)
I can easily say that this lipstick was well worth the £13.50 that I paid because it is amazing quality and the colour is so easy to wear meaning it won't just sit in my draw for years unlike some colours I've owned. Long live M.A.C, I swear they just cannot be beaten.
Have you tried any of the M.A.C satin range? What do you think? What is your favourite M.A.C lipstick?
Annie x


  1. Love this shade! I own this one too and it's definitely my favourite, Brave and Faux are my top two faves actually!
    Looks lovely on you!

    The Urban Umbrella



    1. Faux is one of the other few that I was really drawn to. Another really pretty colour. But lets face it, nearly all of them are amazing :P And thanks :) xx

  2. Ooh this is gorgeous! I still haven't delved in to the world of MAC lipsticks yet and I'm trying to decide which shade to get first... this one is now on my list haha, it looks like a perfect "my-lips-but-better" shade :)

    Frances xx


    1. You totally should, they're such good quality that the price is defo justifiable! Its a great my-lips-but-better shade because it just adds a bit of warmth and makes them look ultra neat and polished xx

  3. I love so many MAC lipsticks :-) the only Satin I own is M.A.C RED which is gorgeous :-)

    This looks lovely on you hun! xx


    1. Thank you :)
      I've looked at that one but I own so many red lipsticks that I thought I should be good and not buy any more haha :) xx