27 June 2012

Guest Post from Grace

A little later than planned (sorry for my disorganisation!) this week I have a guest post from Grace, the lovely writer of All That Slap. Grace writes brilliant posts on her blog that are well worth a look, her reviews have sent me out looking for products a few times now! She's also one of the loveliest bloggers that I have been lucky enough to meet so pop over to her blog and show her some love :)
Annie x

Eyeliners for Summer!
Okay, so I know “summer” hasn’t gotten off to the best start for most of us this year, but there is still hope!? If the sun does decide to make an appearance then it is nice to play around with makeup and jazz things up some days. One thing I like to do in summer is where bright eyeliners, usually with neutral eye shadows. It adds a pop of colour without being “too much”, no?!
With eyeliners, I like using two different types - one is the liquid liner type, because it tends to be really long wearing and most of the time waterproof, so if you are lucky enough to see a pool or some sea then that is always a good option!
The second type of liner I like is a pencil, for the waterline, or on the lid, smoked out. Today I am focusing on just using a pencil for your waterline.
I do of course use gel eyeliners too, but in the summer, for some reason I reach for my liquid liners more often, not quite sure why!
Here is a selection of my favourite liquid liners at the moment:
Boots No 7 – Stay Perfect Eyeliner – Jewel – a beautiful turquoise - £8.75 (don’t forget Boots often do the £5.00 off vouchers!)
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner in Infinite – bright cobalt blue – around $7 or £4 where sold in the UK.
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner in Forever – a lovely bronze – around $7 or £4 where sold in the UK.
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner in Eternal – a gorgeous light green - around $7 or £4 where sold in the UK.
KIKO Cosmetics Definition Waterproof Liquid Liner – 06 – a medium purple – Normally £8.50 but on sale now for £3.90!
GOSH Extreme Art Eye Liner – Waterproof – 15 – a purple/pink shade - £6.49.
Here is a picture of the liners:

And here are the swatches: 

As you can see the colours are gorgeous! All of the liners above have really good wear, are easy to apply and are waterproof. Out of the lot the No 7 probably performs the best – it wears for at least 24 hours (if you just happened to sleep with it on, it would be fine the next day, trust me – its been tested!!). The Milani liners come a close second, they are amazing!
I tend to only wear them on my lid, and not on the waterline….which brings me to my favourite pencils for summer…..
These are:
Annabelle – Smoothliner in Meteorite – Canadian brand – around $6.50 CAN.
Milani Liquif’ Eye in Aqua - $7.99 – not seen these in the UK.
Here they are: 

As you can see, I really like my Bourjois pencils! But, that is because they are reasonably priced, perform really well without tugging, last for a really long time on the waterline (these normally last for around 8 hours on my waterline!) and they come in gorgeous shades!
Here are the swatches:

Finally, here are a couple of pics of me with some of the different liners on so you can see! Please excuse my horrendous eyebrows in these pics!!

If you want to buy Milani Cosmetics, and you are in the UK (or another country), you can order them online at Cherryculture.com – they do international shipping!! I have seen some Milani products at Beauty Base stores here in the UK, but the stores are few and far between and the products are limited.
I hope you liked this post and you will maybe think about wearing some bright colours for summer?! Even if the sun isn’t shining outside, make yourself feel summery by updating your look a little – have fun!!
Thank you to Annie for letting me do this guest post J
Grace xx

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