1 June 2012

She Said Beauty- June Box Review

Isn't it a shame to see grey skies and rain again after such fab weather?
Yesterday I received my June She Said Beauty box which cheered me up no end. I have been generally really happy with She Said Beauty so far as they give a nice variety of products and I've had at least one full sized product each month but I did roll my eyes this month a little when I was greeted with another set of false lashes. Thats three out of four of their boxes that have contained a pair now. Please send something different next month She Said Beauty! There's only so many pairs of OTT lashes that my cupboard can contain!

So here's what I got:
Over all, I thought this was another good box. Inside there was six samples and I'll use five of them :)

  • Yardley London Royal Diamond- I was hesitant when I first saw this because I associate Yardley with sickly sweet floral scents but this is actually really nice. It reminds me of Chloe Eau De Parfum which I really love.
  • Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream- This is a full sized 30ml tube which is worth £6 alone so I was happy to get this in my box. It conditions really well and leaves my hands feeling lovely and soft. The scant is a little strong for my liking. It smells of rose which I like if the scent is soft but I think this is just a little heavy and it lingers for a long time.
  • Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir- I was really happy to get this as I've given it a sniff a few times in shops and loved the scent but not been able to justify the price tag. I haven't used it yet but I've heard some lovely things in the past. The smell is really deep and relaxing and it contains cocoa butter to soften skin.
  • St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturuser- This has been the stand out product for me in this box. I'm so pale that I've always been nervous when it comes to self tan so I think a gradual tan probably leaves me less room for mistakes. After all, everyone can get moisturising right cant they! The sample is a generous 75ml so should last long enough for me to get some colour on my legs.
  • Lets Go lashes- Lets face it, I have little left to say about these. They are the only downside to the box in my opinion. There are so many other products out there to try, I'm so fed up of getting false lashes! I'll be honest, this brand of lashes are all over the place at the moment; in Glossybox, in She Said Beauty and I also got a pair in my iFabbo goody bag so I don't feel like they're very exciting any more.
  • *bonus* Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream- This was a lovely little extra, especially as it was the only make-up sample in the box. I don't know much about this cream but there is no set shades and it claims to be nude coverage so it seems a little more like a primer to me but we'll see.
Over all, I'm really happy with this box, I just hope the false lash obsession ends soon because I feel I may soon drown under the sea of lashes my cupboard contains!
What are your thoughts of this months box? Were you as happy as me?
Annie x


  1. I have my fingers crossed that i get the BB cream

    1. I think we all get the BB cream :) xx

  2. I can't stand the lashes. I've actually cancelled she said beauty after finding out we were getting lashes again.

    1. I really don't blame you, I expect quite a few people will have done. Its such a shame because other than all the lashes I really like She Said Beauty.xx

  3. I got a couple of different things to you, but I really liked the St Tropez item I got and also the BB cream was good! I'm not very good with falsies, but this was my first box from SheSaidBeauty so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt with those for now!

    If you want to have a look at my review, its here:


    Kate xx

    1. Im really happy with the St Tropez too, its so nice to use.
      Thanksfor the link, I'll check out your review now, I love reading peoples beauty box reviews xx

  4. Check out JewelBox! :) http://jewelboxblog.wordpress.com/