31 May 2012

Why am I Here?

I'm sorry that recently I've been showing my blog a bit of neglect. I haven't been posting as much as I'd like because I have so much on my mind at the moment.
I make no secret of the fact I suffer with depression and anxiety illnesses but recently I've started taking a new kind of medication. It has really done wonders for my mood and I've been a lot calmer and happier which is like a complete breath of fresh air. I feel like my head is a lot clearer and things are looking up. However, with all pills there have been some side effects, and these are one of the main reasons for my disappearance. I've found that whilst my body has been getting used to them, I have been tired almost constantly. I sleep all night and then can happily sleep for hours during the day too, and when you slot working and attending interviews, doing day to day chores and everything else in, it hasn't left a lot of time to blog. I'm sorry for my lack of posts but for now I need to put other things first for a little while so I'll just be posting when I can. I do have some lovely posts lined up for the next few days though including some reviews, my May empties, May favourites and my thoughts on the latest She Said Beauty box.

The other reason I have been a little less active with my blogging is that since attending the iFabbo conference on Saturday I have felt a little lost. I write this blog purely because I love beauty, fashion and generally fun things and I really enjoy sharing those things with other like minded people. At the conference I realised that I was surrounded by so many passionate bloggers who wanted to achieve real success from their blog, whether that be through monetizing to make money, or by becoming professional bloggers who work directly with brands on collaborations or large promotions. There was a panel focused purely on making money from your blog, a panel about working with companies and another about extending your reach by utilising social media. Now, don't get me wrong, I found all of the panels incredibly interesting and I learnt an awful lot but the whole time I felt that maybe I didn't belong there. Gaining followers and being well known aren't important to me.
What I care about is writing good quality posts about the things I think everyone should know about and sharing them with the people who enjoy the same things as I do. I've never been one to jump on the beauty bandwagon; I don't own a Clarisonic, I think the Revlon lip butters are crap and give me Tesco deep cleansing lotion over Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish any day. When it comes down to it, I write this blog to stray away from all of those hyped up items. If I write a review for something it is because I really love it and I think my readers will too.

For a few days I've been thinking this over and I've felt like a bit of an invader because what I'm doing as a hobby, some people are desperate to do as a career and I've felt like I should back off and let the big fish battle it out. But now I've realised that no matter why I write Three Little Buhos, and even if I only receive 300ish views per day at the moment, if there is someone out there who finds my blog interesting or helpful then that's what counts. I enjoy writing every single post and as long as there is someone out there who enjoys reading my blog then that is all I want to achieve and I will carry on blogging away and sharing my love for all things beauty...just don't expect to be reading about the Bourjois 1 Second Nail Varnish Remover on here any time soon!
Don't stress the small stuff and just enjoy writing, for what ever reason you choose.
Annie x


  1. I hope things get better for you sweetheart. Great post, and i completely agree with it- that is why i like your blog, it comes from your heart.


    1. Thanks love.
      I'm glad you like reading, blogs that come from the heart really do make the best reading I think. xx

  2. I am on the same wavelength as you are. I blog about stuff I like. I don't rush out and buy all the latest crazes. I buy stuff I think I will like and actually get use out of because at the end of the day I have to buy it and it's no use to me or anyone else if it just sits on my desk. And 300 views a day is nothing to be scoffed!

    Also I can't wait for the may empties and may favourites. Those are my favourites posts ever! I'm thinking about doing a "nail polish of the month post".

    1. I completely agree. There's no point in me rushing out to buy something that I won't actually get use out of just because its doing the blogging rounds. I don't like the level of hype that gets built up around certain products because at the end of the day, why rush out and spend lots of money on the latest craze unless its something you either need or know you will use up.

      I love reading empties posts too :) I'll probably be popping that one up tomorrow. I like the sound of a nail polish of the month post :) xx

  3. Hey Annie, I hope things get better for you :-)... I was at the iFabbo event too and compeletly get where you coming from. I also felt abit overwhelmed with amount of professional bloggers who have lots of followers, monetizing etc .. and for a min I started to compare myself with others and It kinda made me lose sight of WHY I was blogging in the first place. The best advice I can give you is to STAY TRUE TO YOU.. don't ever compare yourself, dont ever think that you or your blog is not good enough..because it is .. and you are!

    Lovely post by the way, I love reading things that comes from the heart

    Marz x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm glad I wasn't the only one there who felt rather overwhelmed!
      I think staying true to you is definitely the mantra that needs repeating! xx

    2. What a refreshing post Annie. Hope you feel well today. Your blogs are "you" your thoughts and worth their weight in gold to your followers who read them.

      I've been mega busy this last week approched by NotOnHighStreet excited but have decided to turn it down, wrong time for me, maybe in a year, got lots of plans this year and they are coming first.

      Plus, family will always come first when it comes down to it.

      So, you carry on blogging when you can fit it in .

      Jenny x

    3. Thanks Jenny. I'm feeling a lot better today, writing this post was actually a great help in letting it all out :)
      Congratulations about being approached on NOTHS and good for you for turning it down, that can't have been easy but its great that you haven't been blinded from your other plans :) Looking forward to seeing more fab Little Red Robbin goodies soon :)

  4. Well said honey!! And I hope that you feel better soon :-) Following you now http://beauflutterby.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thanks love :) I'll check your blog out now xx