29 May 2012

Birthday Antics and a Lush Review

Today has been another lovely sunny day here in Bath. It has also been my lovely mummy's birthday so we've spent the day together having some fab girly time. We shopped, we went out for lunch, we had cake and have spent some time this evening pampering ourselves. Its been really nice :)
On our shopping trip we spent some time in Lush and picked up a couple of goodies; Lovely Jubblies cream for the neck and bust and a pot of Love Lettuce face mask.

Love Lettuce is a face mask that uses almond shells to exfoliate skin as well as drawing out any excess oil and leaving skin beautifully soft thanks to the use of almond oil and a bit of mud :) Its best used on normal to oily skin and worked really well on my combination skin. Because all of the ingredients are natural this only has a shelf life of four weeks and needs to be kept in the fridge. In this weather using it fresh from the fridge was soooo nice because it was so cool and soothing.

Cue much hilarity as we sat smearing green stuff all over our faces.
So as we sat there with green goo all over our faces it began to slowly set and feel a little tighter, especially around the mouth. One thing I liked about this mask is that it smells softly of lavender which, whilst not my favourite smell, is nice for keeping you feeling relaxed whilst you sit there waiting for it to work for 10 minutes.
When dry we agreed that it looked a little like mushy peas or finely chopped up spinach which, as everyone knows, is incredibly sexy...so maybe avoid using this around your boy/girlfriend.
Removal took a pretty long time and we both keep finding little bits of almond shell even now but it really did leave our skin feeling beautifully soft and exfoliated. Around my mouth feels a little sensitive but that is from a little over enthusiastic scrubbing so be careful to take it easy around sensitive areas :)
Over all we both really liked the effects of this mask and would both happily use it again.
Lolly the Grumpy Kitty looked a bit over heated so I thought she'd enjoy the cold pot on her back. She looked like a little table :P

Have you used any of the Lush face masks before? Which is your favourite?
Happy birthday mum, I love you loads!
Annie x


  1. Love the pictures, haha! Naww to the cat table.
    I love fresh face masks, but haven't tried this one yet.

    Sharleena xx

    1. Id definitely recommend this as a good fresh mask. And the almond shells were a nice touch and gave a good exfoliation without being too harsh :) xx