28 May 2012

iFabbo Social Media Conference

As you probably know, I attended the iFabbo conference in London on Saturday. It was a great experience and I think we all learnt a lot about how to make the most from our blog. Every single panelist spoke brilliantly and their love of what they do was clear and it was an honour to get the time to speak to them all and hear about their success.
I also met so many lovely fellow bloggers which is one of my favourite aspects of blogging events. One of the downsides to blogging is that unless you live in a fairly central location, you never get the chance to meet most of the ladies whos blog you follow so it really is lovely to match up the name with the face and have a proper face to face conversation.
My main job was to take the photos for the iFabbo team to use so I spent most of the day snapping away happily. Heres a few of my favourite photos from the day.

I just want to say a huge thank you to the ladies from iFabbo who put together this amazing event and also for giving me the chance to be there. It was more than worth the 6am start to the day!

Did you go the the iFabbo conference? Which was your favourite panel? I really enjoyed the PR relationship panel and the Social Media utilization panel.
The complete collection of my photos can be found on the iFabbo facebook page, here :)
Annie x


  1. You did a great job honey, the pics look fabulous! I cant beleive I am in 2 of the pics - arghhhhh!!! haha! It was such a great day :-) xx


    1. Thanks love! It was an amazing day, so nice to meet you as well :) xx

  2. How cool! Thats awesome you got a chance to be there, im happy for you :D

    1. It really was a great day, Im so happy I got the chance to go. xx

  3. Fab photos lovely! It was really nice to meet you, sorry I didn't say bye, I had to dash off because my parents were waiting in the car for me outside! :(

    Frances xx


    1. Thats ok, it was great to meet you anyway even if you did have to rush off :)Glad you like the photos, I always worry people will hate the photos I take with them in haha xx