25 May 2012

The Time Has Come

So guys, the countdown is over and tomorrow morning I will be heading to Kettners in Soho, London for the first UK iFabbo blogging conference.
Its all been a bit mad this evening to be honest. The "chunky cam" (as I like to call it) is on charge ready to take the photos, a more suitably sized handbag that actually holds all of my things has been selected and my outfit has finally been chosen. Now I just have to paint my nails and be excited :)

I have to drag myself, half alive, out of leave the house at about 6.50 in the morning to get my train so its going to be a pretty long one and I doubt I'll be awake enough to blog when I get home, but I'll be sure to fill you all in on Sunday.

In other fab news, I have a trial shift in an LK Bennett store on Wednesday. How perfect would that job be for me? Everyone knows I can't resist a good pair of shoes or a fancy handbag!

Are you going tomorrow? If you are then grab me and say hi! I'll be the one who looks like a clown after having to apply her makeup in the dark at 6am :P I'm uber friendly though and would love to catch up with all of you lovely ladies who are going, and I'll even take a lovely photo of you for the iFabbo website!

Annie x

ps, heres a fun photo for you as I'm in such a good mood :) I honestly cried with laughter when I first saw this picture. Toast = true love


  1. just want to stop by and say hi~ loved your blog and already subscriebed

    I found your blog through a link from Frances's blog :)

    Please check out my blog if you have time:

    1. Hi :) Its lovely to hear from you. I'll check out your blog now :) xx