15 June 2012

Little Payday Shopping Trip

Yay for payday! This will be my last pay cheque from Sainsbury's which feels weird but after being skint for what seems like forever it was oh so welcome! I treated myself to a mini haul from Boots after a tough shift at Debenhams and got a few bits and some fab freebies.
What I got:
I felt like a kid in a sweet shop when I was browsing through the makeup section but I was fairly restrained and also only bought fairly low priced bits and bobs. I got a 17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Mulled Wine which is a pretty shade of dark pink (I'll do a fotd in the next few days to show you), I got a lip liner in Fawn which is a nude shade with a slight highlighting shine which looks good around the top lip and really defines the shape. I also picked up an Extreme felt eyeliner in Teal by Collection 2000 which gives a real kick of deep colour that's long lasting.
One of my advantage card offers was a free glitter eyeshadow when I bought any one 17 item so of course I grabbed my freebie. I went for an olivey green shade called SuperStar which looks really lovely on. It's nice and pigmented and brings out the green in my eyes.
Finally, I picked up a bottle of Boots SkinClear Deep Cleansing Lotion. I like a nice hard working cleanser and I'm running out of my favourite so I thought that for £2.50ish this was worth a go.
At the moment, if you spend £6 on 17 cosmetics, you get a free Fest of All kit which is a cute little set including a full sized nail varnish, kohl eyeliner and a handbag sized tube of Instant Glow body bronzer. I'll do a separate  review of this little kit tomorrow but considering you only need to spend £6 to get the kit and its worth around £10 I'd say you can't lose!

What do you think of my payday goodies? I'm really happy with everything and I only spent just over £12 so I think I did pretty well. What will you be treating yourself to this payday?
Annie x


  1. £12 on all of that? Good job! :) I love the look of the lipstick. I'm really into lippie at the moment, but only own like three - a MAC one, a topshop one and a no7 one, must check out 17's lipsticks! xx

    1. I was pretty pleased with myself yep haha.
      If you're looking to expand your lipstick collection then definitely look at the 17 ones, I have quite a few of them and I love them all. They have really good formula's and last well without being too drying :) xx

  2. You got a great mix of goods. I look forward to the review of the Fest Of All kit :)

    I found you on BlogLoveTherapy, btw.


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