10 June 2012

Lush- The Comforter Bubble Bar Review

Lush bubble bars are one of my favourite indulgences. The way I see it is that whilst they are fairly expensive, I don't smoke and I hardly drink so I can afford to treat myself to a bubble bar every couple of weeks.

My favourite by far is The Comforter which is one of the biggest bars and costs £4.15. It has a pretty dark pink and white swirly pattern and smells lovely and sweet; like mixed berries. I split this into quarters so that I get four baths from it and our bath is pretty big so some people might be able to stretch it to five baths.
When you crumble the bar under a running tap the water instantly starts to foam and turn a pretty shade of pink and by the time you've finished running the bath, there are mounds and mounds of  frothy bubbles which are nice and long lasting.
I was worried to begin with that the bath would end up stained slightly pink but even after using lots of these its still perfectly fine so no worries there. The scent is really lovely too, not too overpowering which I think a lot of people may worry about when giving the solid bar a sniff in store. I find that it lingers lightly on the skin for a little while as well as in the bathroom but not to the extent of some of the Lush bath bombs such as Butterball which has a scent that lingers for days.

Over all, I really love this bubble bar, and would definitely go as far as to say it's my favourite. If you like the Lush bubble bars and haven't given this a go yet then you should, its fab :)

Have you tried this bubble bar? Which bar is your favourite?
Annie x


  1. Hi I came here from blog hop nice blog! The bubble bar looks delicious! :)

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    1. Hello, thanks for saying hi :) I'll pop over now and return the favour xx

  2. This was my first bubble bar! I make it last as long as possible such a gorgeous smell!! :)


    1. Its amazing isnt it! I really love the smell, and I love the colour too :) xx

  3. Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru the BLT blog hop! I haven't tried using any bubble baths ever but this post of yours makes me one to indulge in one!

    Visit mine if you have time! :)


    1. Hello, thanks for the follow :) you should definitely try out a bubble bar if you havent, theyre amazing, and soooo bubbly!
      I'll pop over and check out your blog now :) xx

  4. Hi, I'm popping over from BLT. I love the 3 little owls at the top so cute . The Comforter is amazing, I always re-purchase it every month. I have more showers than baths so it lasts me a little while longer and the smell is sensational.
    *New Follower*

    Michelle's Treasure Chest

    1. Hello :) Thank you, glad you like my buhos!
      I have more showers than baths too so one of these lasts me a good few weeks, I usually use a bit once a week so this one lasts 3-4 weeks depending :)
      I'll give your blog a look now xx

  5. i agree with you, this is my favorite bubble bar too! it's so great and the scent is absolutely amazing.


    1. It really is lovely. I need to replace this now, I'm missing my Comforter filled baths! xx