21 June 2012

A Little Bit of Shopping

I feel like I've fallen off the band wagon a little bit in the last couple of days. I'm getting a bit stressed again so I've been trying to cheer myself up. New makeup never fails to cheer me up so it's made a good start.

Now, whilst I enjoyed going a little mad whilst roaming the isles in Boots I am still very aware that I'm meant to be saving money so I tried to stick to the cheaper brands... Except Max Factor but I just HAD to own a Flipstick.
Anyways, what I bought:

  • Natural Collection Sheer Loose Powder- £1.99
  • Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls- £1.99
  • Natural Collection Black/Brown Lash Volume Mascara- £1.99
  • Technic Highlights Highlighter- £2.99
  • Max Factor Flipstick in Gipsy Red- £8.49
  • Max Factor Lipstick in Raisin- £6.99
So over all, not too bad, I spent under £25 and got a nice selection of bits.
I'll write proper reviews on the products as and when I use them. I have a FOTD post lined up for this evening using the Max Factor Raisin lipstick, highlighter and bronzing pearls and so far I've really liked all three so its looking good.
I'm always pleasantly surprised by Natural Collection. I tend not to buy from the range very often because its what I used to wear when I was 14 and first getting into wearing makeup but there's no denying the fact that you can always rely on good quality from them for very little money.

What do you think of my goodies then? I'm most excited by the flipstick, have you tried any of these?
Annie x


  1. Ooh I've heard that the Technic Highlight is pretty much a dupe for Benefit's High Beam :) and I'd love to see a review on the Flipstick, I'm quite curious about them!

    Frances xx


    1. Thats why I thought I'd give it a go. Instead of paying £18.50 I thought the £2.99 had to to be worth a shot. Im really impressed with it actually. If I can find someone with High Beam I can borrow then I'll do a comparison post.
      I'll pop up a review of the flipstick tomorrow for you :) xx

  2. Have awarded you the versatile blogger award. Go to my blog to pick up your award and to read the rules. Love reading about all your shopping finds. xx

    1. Oh wow yay, thank you :) I'll take a look now xx