18 February 2012

Large Quantities of Lovely

Today has been great. Proper girly shopping trip with my mum where we both bought so lovely bits and pieces (maybe I'll post a photo of my goodies tomorrow)
I was incredibly lucky this valentines day, and my wonderful fiance bought me some cute little presents, and I love them all and just had to show you their fabbiness.

How cute is this flamingo cookie cutter? I can't wait to try this out and then cover the resulting cookies in BRIGHT pink icing. I hope the leggies and neck don't burn :S

I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of beautiful light pink roses. We couldn't find a vase and so had to display them in a cocktail shaker, but in a way I think that made them look all the more cute. I love roses, they look so pretty as they start to open like this one.

I was oh so excited to receive this ring. Its a beautiful handmade silver toe ring from Little Red Robin that I fell in love with last month. Daniel got it personalised to say "mugwai" which is his pet name for me (for those who don't know, here a photo of a mugwai, they're the cute little creatures that turn into Gremlins. Dan calls me mugwai because apparently I'm "cute and cuddly and make little noises") My photo doesn't really do the ring justice, it's gorgeous, made of silver and shines beautifully. I'm wearing it on my little finger while the weather is cold. Check out the Little Red Robin website for other beautiful jewellery.

To go with my my lovely new ring, Daniel tracked down this adorable bunny ring bunny that I pinned on pinterest a while back. I love him, he sits by my bed holding my new mugwai ring, my engagement ring and a couple of vintage finds. I thought it was so sweet of Daniel to go to so much effort to find me a present that he knew I would love.

I love all of these gifts and I am so thankful to Dan for being so generous and treating me so brilliantly. That man is my world :)

Have you been given any lovely, thoughtful gifts recently? What did you get for valentines day?
I hope you're having a great weekend :)
Annie x


  1. Thank you very very much for your kind comments Annie. I understand what a mugwai is now! i was looking up the world under countries as i thought it was an unusual name. Those gremlins are very cute so your fiance must truly love you! Our toe rings are new this year and we are hoping to expand a range of them with lots of designs. I am going to make my neice one with her baby's name Isaac and baby feet stamped either side for summer for her birthday.

    Jenny x

  2. Wowee you lucky lucky girl. Your fella sounds really nice.