13 February 2012

10 Simple but Sweet Romantic Gestures

I love my fiance to bits, yet over the years I have come to understand that he is far from being a romantic person. I don't mind this, he is brilliant just the way he is.
But for some people, romance is an important part of a relationship which can cause problems when one person in the relationship is clueless when it comes to romance. So for all those people who find it difficult to know where to start, I have put together a list of simple little gestures which will be sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one :)
  1.        Close the curtains, turn your phones off, order in your favourite food and just relax with your other half.

    2.       Breakfast in bed is always a lovely touch, even if it’s just toast and tea.

    3.       Baked goods can be made in little time and are at their best if made last minute so they’re still nice and fresh. Definitely more romantic than shop bought.

    4.       With music so easily accessible,  it’s never been simpler to make your other half a mixed tape of their favourite songs or “your songs”

    5.       If buying a box of chocolates just isn’t good enough then why not make your own? Sunshine and Carousels has featured some delicious recipes recently and they’re so simple to make too!

    6.       Write a list of 10 things you love about your other half and hide it somewhere they will find it when not expecting to. Guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

    7.       Forget about the fancy restaurants, pack a picnic and head for somewhere pretty together.

    8.       Have a movie night where you watch each other’s favourite film. Who cares if you aren’t keen on their choice, the intention couldn’t be sweeter.

    9.       Run your other half a hot bath, fill them a glass of wine and let them enjoy some relaxation time.

    10.   Have a fun evening together with a chocolate fondue that you can dip all of your favourite treats in, extra points for remembering your partners favourite treats :P

    Is there something sweet that your partner does for you that lets you know they love you? Do you have any advice for people who find it hard to express their love?

    On an un-related note, over on my other blog, Sugar and Spice, we have an inspirational "The Beautiful Bride" post to help you find the perfect wedding hairstyle for your special day.

    Annie x

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