14 February 2012

The Day of Love

Happy Vday everyone! I hope you're all enjoying it.
I spent most of my day travelling across from Bath to Canterbury which was quite the ordeal, I tell you! Especially since the last leg of my journey had to be by coach because the trains weren't running between Ashford and Canterbury.
Oh well, I'm here now and Daniel and I are settling down to a nice cozy evening with good food and a chick flick :)
He bought me some lovely presents (which I'll show you tomorrow) and was uber happy with his too so so far so good :)

What are your plans for this evening? Did you recieve anything lovely that you're a little smug about?
Or are you just going to have a night in in front of the telly with a box of chocolates?
Annie x

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  1. hope you had a great Valentine's Day!