23 February 2012

Revivals- Canterbury's Little Treasure Trove

I've had a pretty busy day today on  not much sleep so I'm zonked! I've had a lovely time with my favourite girlies though.
This is a little post I've been wanting share for a while now about one of my favourite shops in Canterbury, Revivals.
A real little treasure trove, when you enter Revivals its hard to know where to start. It is packed wall to wall with fabulous vintage and unusual clothes. It really is an exciting place to be. You are greeted with rows and rows of pretty handbags, piles of fun and unusual hats, racks of great clothing finds and some truly awesome shoes. When I went in recently, I spotted some skyscraper heels so high that to wear them would have been been like standing on a podium the whole time.
Being a jewellery lover, I love rooting around in the pots of rings and sifting through all of the pretty necklaces. Last time I was there I found a truly beautiful mother of pearl effect watch and a cute little ring wrapped to form the word "love" which I just had to buy.

I would definitely recommend paying a visit to Revivals if you're ever in the area, and you can also find them on facebook *here* I can guarantee that you'll leave with something fabulous, I mean, who could resist the colours and patterns below!

Do you have any wonderful little shops like this near you? Or maybe you've visited Revivals and love it just as much as I do?
Annie x

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