22 February 2012

The Weekly Wedding Fix #4

Its time once again for the weekly take over from Sugar and Spice for The Weekly Wedding Fix.
I've always loved fairy tales and when I was growing up Snow White was one of my favourites. Bearing this in mind, this week our mood board is for a "Fairest of them All" wedding.

1. How could I create a Snow White inspired board without using Alfred Angelo's Snow White style 207 dress from his Disney Fairy Tale Wedding collection. A fairy tale wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear that dream princess dress.

2. Snow White dressed in blue and yellow and these royal blue courts are just the right shade to pair with the dark yellow bridesmaid dresses as well as becoming your something blue if you were to choose them for yourself.

3. I am a huge lover of homemade favours, they add a personal touch and show your guests that you have taken time and care to please them. These Apple Pie Pops are a cute take on the very popular cake pops. They will look lovely wrapped in a little cellophane and of course, as we know, when singing "One Day my Prince will Come" Snow White was merrily baking an apple pie!

4. When I saw this wedding cake, I just had to feature it. Simply decorated with blue ribbon and sugar pansies I think it is the perfect addition to this fairest of them all wedding. The sugar flowers reflect the sweet personality of every Disney princess as well as providing a laid back chic look for a modern wedding.

5. These apple place settings are a great way to guide your guests to their seats whilst staying on theme. They are also cheap and simple to create. To create the look of the traditional "poison apple" you should use a Red Delicious apple as they are a deep blood red colour. They would look very striking on a simply decorated table.

6. I've always been a fan of bright yellow bridesmaid dresses and this theme provides the perfect time to get your girls in sunshine bright dresses. This dress from The Dessy Group is a flattering style and length and in Mango is the perfect shade!

7. Looking sleek and elegant, this Poisoned Apple Martini is a great choice for a signature cocktail at your fairest of them all wedding. Smoother than a regular martini it uses apple schnapps to give a sweet apple flavour.

8. Dark red roses always make for a beautiful bouquet. They stand out beautifully against the white of a wedding gown and the deep red colour exudes passion and romance. Pair with deep red lipstick for a real show stopping look whilst also echoing Snow White's "lips red as blood".

Would you ever consider choosing a fairy tale theme for your wedding? Or do you feel that this would be a strange choice? I would love to hear what you think :)
Annie x


  1. I love the wedding cake!! this is such an inspiring post for all the brides to be =)

  2. This could be the site I wanna share to my future other-half. I did bookmarked for reference. Keep sharing.

  3. Oh I love the Apple Pie pops and the shoes and the bridesmaid dresses. My fiancé came home last night and decided (despite discussing before) to tell me that he didn't like apples but if I don't come up with something else I like, I'm steam rolling him ;) so we might have the same dress!
    Where do you do your mood boards btw?

    1. Haha, oh dear, I haven't known anyone before who doesn't like apples. He'd just have to give the apples a miss! The dress is simply gorgeous isn't it! I'll have to do a lot of saving before I can afford a dress like that/
      I take the photos from websites and put mine together in Photoshop elements, I didn't know there was sites to do them on until after I'd got used to photoshop so the habit just stuck haha xx