21 February 2012

Oodles of Glitter!

I'm writing this in bed in the middle of the afternoon, how lazy indulgent is that? I should probably specify that I have actually been up and busy most of the day but our house is old so gets pretty cold when the heating is off, so back to bed it is!

I'm going through a bit of a nail varnish craze at the moment. Its just so fun and pretty :)
A few weeks ago I read a post about a Technic rainbow glitter varnish which is a great dupe for the much loved OPI rainbow glitter varnish. It looked grat and at £1.25 I just had to try it!
I went a little over the top and glitter crazy which I know I'll regret when it gets to Sunday evening and I have to scrub it away for work the next day. I think it looks pretty funky though, even if its taken agesssss to dry fully despite the use of rapid dry spray.

I also ordered some gorgeous colours last week from Elf cosmetics which I have been trying out. I adore the mint cream shade which is a great colour for spring. The matte top coat is also a great investment. It dries fast and makes any nail varnish instantly matte and in fashion for this season :)

Its always a shame to go back to work and have to keep nails short and unpainted again, but oh well, it just makes the times when they are decorated more special :)

Do you have a favourite varnish at the moment? Any colours that you would recommend that we all try out?
I have to drag myself off now and pump out an essay so tata for now,
Annie x

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