16 February 2012

Glitter Nail Varnish- The Eternal Struggle

This evening I've arrived back in Bath after a lovely few days in Canterbury and I'm pretty zonked after the long journey. Or maybe that has something to do with the many hours of shopping I selflessly endured today while finding Daniel chinos that have a zip instead of buttons (for those of you wondering, such an invention does not currently exsist, much to Dan's dismay).

todays offending yet beautifl product!
Anyways, back onto topic. Now glitter nail varnish, I use it and I love it. It is however the bane of my life. I have just spent what feels like a lifetime (although in reality it may have been more like ten minutes) rubbing and scraping away at my nails trying to remove a particularly gorgeous yet equally stubborn red glitter nail varnish. And that was just one hand!
It saddens me to see such beautiful glitter varnishes in shops and online because I know I will be lured in, enthusiastically paint on several thick layers, enjoy them for several days until chips appear and then have the "character building" experience of scrubbing away for hours trying to shift the stuff. Why is it that it is oh so stubborn? I can't for the life of me work out why it clings on so much tighter than any other varnish. All I know is that I have another ten minutes of scrubbing to go before I can paint them in the pretty new Mint Cream coloured varnish I have from elf.

Does anyone know why oh why glitter varnish is so hard to remove? Do you have any tips on how to loosen the stuff other than sitting with my fingers dunked in a bowl of remover? Anyone who can shed some light will be loved eternally!
*is off to resume scrubbing*
Annie x


  1. I have a tip! Pop some cotton wool pads soaked in nail polish removers on your nails and cover your fingers wit kitchen foil, to hold the pads in place. Leave for a few minutes, then remove, wiping your nail as you do so. You may well be left with a few bits of glitter but it makes it easier to get the remaining bits off :) x

  2. Whenever I use glitter varnishes I use an acetone based remover, or pure acetone itself. It's not great for your nails so it's good to do a nail treatment afterwards, but I find that it helps remove the glitter completely!

    Lola ..x

  3. Thank you ladies! I'll try the cotton wool and foil method first but for the really stubborn colours I'll use the acetone :) xx