3 June 2013

Mini Illamasqua Haul

Recently Illamasqua did an amazing 50% discount promotion through their twitter on everything on their site. Muy emocionante, si?
I'm trying my best to be really good with not spending on cosmetics at the moment, but having a rather fabulous friend who happens to also get 20% on Illamasqua makeup anyway I thought it would be rude not to buy a few bits and take advantage of the 70% off ;)
I think I managed to be pretty restrained concidering! There were a couple more bits that I would have liked to buy but due to the 50% offer being worldwide they were out of stock by the time we made our order so I just got the Gleam in Aurora and nail varnishes in Untold and Scarce. I've got photos taken ready to review all three and I must say I love them all, especially Gleam :)
So the total price for the three? At full price they would have come to £47 but with the discount they cost just £14.10- thats less than one full priced nail varnish! Bargain!

Did you take advantage of the Illamasqua sale? What did you get?
Annie xx

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