19 January 2012

Beating the January Blues

Hi again lovely blog readers :)
As we all know, January can be a pretty depressing month what with failing New Years Resolutions, the post Christmas come down and the cold cold weather.
There's nothing I love more on a freezing January night than to snuggle down with a nice book. So that is exactly how I have been spending most of my weekday evenings so far.
Due to my funds being pretty low at this time of year, I have been making my selection from amazons deals for the kindle and so far I've thoroughly enjoyed all of the books I have downloaded.
My latest read "The Twelve Days of Christmas" by Trisha Ashley was a somewhat festive choice for the middle of January, and if truth be told, I did debate whether or not to give it a go, but then I thought to myself, what better way to cheer myself up than by reading a cosy, gentle book written about the happiest time of the year? And that was it, choice made.

Lets keep it simple; I loved this book. It was a little slow getting into the story, although that may be because the blurb of the book only covers the more major parts of the plot line and so much extra has been packed in that the blurb is only relevant from almost half way through. The story is suitably cosy and the amount of detail given makes it easy for the reader to really picture the setting and feel the excitement that the characters are enjoying.

The book follows the story of Holly Brown, a young widower who is called to house sit a large house over Christmas until the owner returns on twelfth night. As her husband died during the festive season several years back, Holly is more than happy to hide away in the old, isolated house away from any form of Christmas cheer. However, after a series of unforeseen events, Holly finds herself hosting a full blown family Christmas celebration for the whole household including the tall, dark and mysterious owner, Jude Martland who returns unexpectedly on Christmas eve. As the snow draws in and there is no chance of anyone leaving, Holly finds herself enjoying not only the festive celebrations but also, rather predictably perhaps, the company of her aloof employer Jude.

As you can tell from my quick plot summary, the book has a fairly predictable outcome and there are no major plot twists so this isn't one to read if you are looking for a thrill ride, however it is a warming, light hearted book that will warm up the cold evenings we are having at the moment so for that reason I would recommend it.

How are you keeping yourself upbeat during January?
Annie x

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