14 April 2012

The Lush List and a Bit of an Incentive :)

Where has the week gone? I can't believe it's Saturday already.
Recently I have developed a bit of a Lush obsession and have become crazy keen to try everything they stock. Because I think these would bulk out my monthly Lust List a little too much, heres my Lush List of goodies I simply must have in my life.

1. Honey I Washed the Kids soap- I had this when I was younger as a gift and loved the smell.
2. Mint Julips Lip Scrub- Smells and tastes wonderful and makes lips so smooth.
3. Oatifix Face Mask- Smells like breakfast time and makes skin silky smooth.
4. It's Raining Men Shower Gel- Shares the same great smell as the Honey I Washed the Kids soap and is uber hydrating.
5. Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar- Produces Mounds of bubbles and smells divine!
6. Cupcake Face Mask- Chocolate...thats good for your face. Need I say more?
7. Butterball Bath Bomb- Well known for being the most luxurious bath bomb for those with dry skin.
8. Lush Legends Gift Set- Way out of my league but who wouldn't want to own this set which contains all of the Lush best sellers? Imagine the sense of smugness that would over come you when opening this gift :)

And now on to the little incentive. I'm so excited to see the popularity of Three Little Buhos grow, it makes me so happy to see that people enjoy reading what I share in my little part of the internet. Last night my page views crept over 10,000 (almost 5,000 of which have been in the last month!) which is a milestone for a little blogger like me. I had planned a little giveaway to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and helped reach my little milestone buttttt, I had also planned a mini giveaway for when I read 100 followers so as a little incentive to help creep up to 100 followers, I have decided to combine the two and host a bigger, better giveaway for reaching the big 100 mark.
I will be offering lots of lovely beauty goodies that are either personal favourites of mine, or bits and pieces that I would secretly love to keep for myself so spread the love for Three Little Buhos and lets help me achieve my next milestone and I will reward you with the chance to win lovely presents :)

What's your favourite Lush Product? Have you tried any of the goodies on my Lush List?

Annie x

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