3 August 2012

The Oily Girl's Hero: Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream Review

Long post title today, oops! But a fairly short and sweet review of a product that I just had to share!
This exciting little tube was sent to me in a swap from the ever lovely Lucy Brown who is the founder of Beauty Box Swaps (and also a good friend of my auntie's who I remember drinking lots of wine and skipping with me in the rain in the earlier hours a few years back!). Since getting it, I have used this cream every morning before putting on my makeup and it has worked wonders! No more one o'clock shine unless I'm stuck pot washing at work, and it also hasn't made my skin break out at all which is great, I was worried it might, even though it claims to be anti blemish. But ladies, I can promise it doesn't!
When squeezing out of the tube, the cream is fairly thick and a very soft yellow shade but it rubs in completely clear and just feels light and breathable but also leaves skin feeling nice and smooth, kind of similar to how a primer leaves the skin actually. The smell isn't fab but it is very faint and fades away almost immediately so don't be put off. I would say that to cover you're entire face an amount the size of a small pea is enough so even my little tube is lasting a nice long time which is good because now we come to the only downside I've found; the price. For a 50ml tub you will be set back £15.31 in Boots which for someone who is short on money like me, is a lot, yet when you consider how long this cream lasts and how well it works, I would say that it is £15.31 well worth spending.

Have you tried this cream before? Would you fork out the money or would this be out of your price range? I was really glad to get the chance to try out a small tube before purchasing the full 50ml tub.
Annie x


  1. Wow I was dying to get this until you mentioned the price! that is way to dear for me,especially without trying it first. what a shame :(

    1. Yeah, the price really is a downside, but I think if you're looking for something thats great quality and (in my opinion) works then its definitely worth it. Maybe one to save boots points for :) xx

  2. Wow this product sounds great, I like that it sounds like it will last a long time but don't think I could justify the price. I would have to start saving the Boots points or see if I can find it in duty free lol.


    1. Yeah, the price really does make it harder to justify, but I think now I have, I'm going to be hooked haha Boots points or Birthday presents seems to be the way forward! xx