15 November 2012

Beauty Baking: An Introduction

Beauty baking may seem like a strange idea, and nope, I'm not making my own beauty products. What I mean by beauty baking is ingredients used for effect.
When putting a product together, any company worth its salt will pack it full of ingredients that will be beneficial to the skin/hair/nails or wherever it is being used.
When I buy a product, especially for my skin which is very sensitive, I always check the ingredients to make sure that it uses ingredients that I know are going to work well for me.

However, unfortunately, a lot of people don't really have much of an idea about what ingredients will be the most beneficial to them when dealing with a skin complaint or their super dry sore scalp. So what I want to do is break things down a bit and help spread the ingredients love by focusing a few posts on how they're used and why they are so fab for you.

I haven't 100% decided yet how to group these posts but I'm thinking of splitting them down into hair, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin. I can also do posts on a particular skin complaint such as eczema or psoriasis if people would find that beneficial, just let me know :)

But for now I will just leave you with the number one rule.

When choosing a product for use on your skin or hair, always choose something using as many natural ingredients as possible. You are far less likely to have a nasty reaction, the product will have more benefit to you and more of the money you are paying out will have been used sourcing these fab, natural ingredients than making the nasty chemicals that fill some beauty products.

Annie x


  1. I'm starting to go much more natural with products these days. There are a lot of ingredients I avoid already because they break out my skin really badly xx

    1. Im exactly the same. I used to have really bad skin but now im really careful what I use and its been such a good help xx