11 November 2012

Review: M.A.C Love Forever Lipstick

The other day I blogged about my latest M.A.C haul from CCO. One of the things I bought was the Love Forever  ProLongwear Lipcreme; a beautiful creamy pink lipstick with great staying power.
Its no secret that I love a bright pink lipstick...or any bright lipstick to be frank and this one definitely fulfilled my brightness quota.
Unlike the usual lipstick offerings from M.A.C this one isn't the usual bullet shape, and infitting with the lipcreme idea, the flat top is reminiscent of a more moisturising lip balm product. I do like this, but with a product that is so highly pigmented I think it does make it a little harder to apply neatly so I do favour the bullet shape.
The lipstick applies really easily and gives a bright coating of colour with just a couple of sweeps. I would describe the colour as a fairly bubblegum shade of pink that is paler than my usual Girl about Town or Moxie, but its really pretty and great for softening a rockier smoky eye. In the photo above I'm wearing it with M.A.C Blue Stripe powerpoint liner which I bought at the same time :) In terms of longevity I find that Love Forever lasts around four hours before I need to top up, and as its a creme rather than your average lipstick it doesn't dry out or make lips sore, yay!

Over all, I rate Love Forever really highly as a product and the only slight complaint I have is with the shape, but all it takes is a careful touch and you can still create a neat line.
How about you, what do you think? Is this a colour you would wear? Have you used a M.A.C lipcreme before? I'll definitely be looking out for more :)
Annie x


  1. I really like this shade, it looks so pretty on you and it goes really well with your eye makeup. I nearly bought one of these the other day but in the end I went for another Amplified lipstick.
    Mel x


    1. Isn't it pretty? I really like it.
      Which colour did you go for? xx