5 March 2013

Layla D Honey Moisturiser Reviewed

Layla D Beauty is still a relatively unknown brand on the beauty radar but several months ago a sample pot of the Honey Moisturiser came with a beauty box and got me hooked. Now, two mini pots later, I asked Dan to buy me a full sized tub for valentines day to feed my addiction.

This indulgently thick cream, is rich and a little goes a long long way. My skin has got fairly dry during the winter but is still annoyingly prone to spots so this is totally perfect for me. Honey is a great humectant product which locks in moisture and comforts the skin, but as well as this, it is also an antiseptic making it a great product to use on spot prone skin as it helps to fight any nasty spot causing bacteria.
I've been using the honey moisturiser for around 2-3 months now and have seen a big improvement in my skin. I haven't been getting nasty dry patches around my nose or hair line any more and only get the odd blemish that is a lot smaller and less red and icky than when they used to pop up all the time.
Possibly the biggest draw to this product for me, other than finding the scent of honey one of the most comforting in the world, is the ingredients list. Just look at all of those natural butters and oils! All Layla D products are totally vegetarian, and other than the honey range, they are all vegan friendly.

I have totally fallen in love with this moisturiser and will definitely be wanting to try other products from Layla D after feeling the effects of this gorgeous cream, possibly a cleanser or toner will be next on the shopping list :) Definitely a product I would recommend.

Have you tried any products from Layla D? What do you think of the sound of this lovely honey moisturiser?
Annie x


  1. Wow this sounds fab, I hadn't heard of the brand before either. It's not actually too expensive either which is good :) I think anything Honey is always a good thing also :)

    Charmed Charlee

    1. Its completely gorgeous, and smells just like honey. Cant get enough of it at the moment xx

  2. Hello Gorgeous! Oh I love the scent of honey, this cream looks so rich!

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  3. This does sound really lovely and I am sure it smells even better xx


    1. Oh goodness, it smells totally amazing! xx