14 January 2014

Nails Inc Gel Manicure Service

Yesterday I crossed off another of my Little Wishes and treated myself to a gel manicure with the lovely ladies at the Nails Inc counter in Debenhams Bath. With my job including a lot of time with hands in water as well as preparing food and drinks, normal nail varnish just doesn't cut it and as health and safety demands non-chipped varnish I thought long lasting, gel nails may be the way to go.
There are two options available to you at Nails Inc counters. There is the option of semi-gel nails which allows you to choose any regular Nails Inc shade for your treatment. This is then applied along with a gel top and base coat which transforms the polish into a two to three week chip resistant wonder and costs £38.00. Alternatively there is the completely gel option which narrows down your colour choice to around 25 shades, however what is applied is 100% gel polish that lasts for up to two weeks longer, gives you the option of choosing glitter shades and costs £55.00.
I opted for the more expensive treatment for the extra staying power...and I have to say that I was also slightly drawn in by the gold glitter polish being the magpie that I am. The treatment itself took around 1 hour and is fairly relaxing. I sat and made small talk with the friendly technician as she first shaped, treated and then painted my nails and watched the world go by. The counter in the Bath store is on the shop floor so if you're a bit self conscious that may be something to be aware of but I found this just meant I didn't get bored like I may have done in a plain, characterless room.

I'm very happy with the result, having not had gel nails before I'm taking some time to get used to the thickness but the finish is gorgeous and I'm already loving having pretty nails that are staying chip free!
Whilst the price is less than enticing and was enough to put me off for quite a while, if you can afford to get this done as a treat occasionally then I would definitely recommend it done as the results are lovely and I think its something every girl should treat themselves to once in a lifetime at least!

Do you have gel nails? Where do you get yours done? And how do you feel about their long wear finish?
Annie xx

Disclaimer: I received my treatment at 30% reduced rate (making the treatment £38.50) however I still paid with my own money and have been completely honest in my review.


  1. This is so pretty, I love the coral colour and the glitter is a lovely accent!
    I've never had gel nails, it wouldn't be worth bothering for me as my nails grow so quickly - they'd look awful within about five days haha!

    Jess xo

    1. I can't stop waving the glitter nail around and staring at it hehe. I'm lucky that my nails grow fairly slowly I think xx

  2. I saw this on your instagram, and fell in love!!
    Parie xx

    1. Aww, thanks :) I'm in love with the colours together, very Spring! xx

  3. Loove gel nails, I have a home kit so usually do them every three weeks or so. These shades look lovveeelyy!!

    MyLushBox | YouTube


    1. I'm looking at getting a kit for home too. Which kit is it you use? xx