12 February 2014

Teeez Mysterious Crystal Eye Liner

I mentioned this fabulous eye liner in yesterday's You Beauty Discovery Box post and just had to give it a full review because I've been so impressed. Teeez is a Dutch based brand that I had previously not heard of, and is actually pretty hard to get hold of in the UK I've found having spent some time doing research for this post! Their cosmetics are all beautifully packaged, natural as can be and released in exciting collections. The Mysterious Crystal Eye Liner is part of the Desert Glow range and is available in six excitingly named colours. The shade I have is a deep grey with the name Smokey Quartz.
The packaging, like I mentioned is pretty funky. I personally think on such a small box this looks a little over the top but on some of the wider packaging looks great. The eye liner itself is patterned with the same bold style with splashes of gold which make it look fun but stylish.
The eye liner itself is a silky smooth twist up pencil that just glides onto the eyelid with no dragging or scratching. In the other end there is also a very handy 2-in-1 tool that is both a smudge brush that is kept clean with a plastic cap and when pulled off of the eye liner is a hidden sharpener ensuring you can get both super precise and super smokey looks from the one tool.
As shown here the shade is a lovely shimmery grey shade which I can tell you now does not have any glitter fall out. The wavy swatch was using a fairly light hand which gives a soft, smokey colour which could be buffed out for an eye shadow type of effect. The thick swatch on the right was with a firm hand and more pressure which gives a very even application of colour and looks great worn in a cat flick style. Finally, the swatch above them is heavy but blended out using the smudge brush for a slight gradient effect. I don't personally use smudge brushes often as I like fairly neat looks but it does work well.
After 45 seconds the eye liner sets fast and doesn't budge. A dream if you work long days or plan on partying all night :) In the photo above I had been wiping away at the swatches using a cotton pad and my trusty Nuxe Micellar Water for a good couple of minutes and as you can see, it was still clinging in there just about.

The Teeez Mysterious Crystal eye liners(£13.95) and other products from the brand are available *here*

Annie xx


  1. This looks pretty nice, I've never heard of Teeze before. Would love to see it on the face!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

    1. The post I'm popping up later today is a Face of the Day showing it being worn so check back later and you can :) xx