3 February 2015

Planner Organisation: Part One

I've always loved stationery and as I get older and busier I decided its time that I needed a diary. I've never kept your typical "dear diary" type of journal but I wanted my planner to combine functionality along with memories and creativity.
My planner has appeared in a few photos on my blog and Instagram and I've had several emails and comments asking me to show more of it. So I thought I would write a few posts about my planner; how I arrange things, how to keep it pretty and practical, supplies, the essentials that I carry around with me also some inspiration for both myself and you peeps.

So, lets start with the planner essentials that I carry with me.
One of the most useful planner accessories you can get are the little plastic seal wallets that are made to fit Filofax (you can pick them up in Paperchase for £2-3). I keep one of these in the front of my planner to store all my useful bits and pieces. Below is what I carry.
As you can see, the little pouches store quite a bit actually (the pouch I use is size "personal"and fits all personal sized planners)
I always carry a ruler, pencil and several different pens. I started using erasable pens a couple of years ago after finding them in Muji and have never turned back. They are great for diaries and planners as there is no need to cross things out-just use the end of the pen to rub things away and write over the top. I seem to use the Sharpie all the time for various things so that lives in there as well.
The paper clips are a little cumbersome to be honest so don't get left in the planner pages for long, but I do use them to keep lists secured or to keep important receipts, notes or vouchers from falling out whilst I'm on the move.
You never know when you might need a stamp or a safety pin, so I keep both in here so that I can always find one if I need it.
The little heart stickers are there...just because they are really :)

The only thing that I like to carry that doesn't fit in one of the little pouches is a single hole punch. You can get hole punches designed specifically for planners but I find that they don't work very well so I prefer to use a single punch that I know will work on card as well as paper. I picked up the little bunny hole punch in the top photo for £4 and cannot fault it...or it's cuteness :)

Do you keep a planner? What are the essentials that you always carry with you? Is there anything in particular that you would like to know or see about designing and keeping a planner?

Annie xx


  1. I don't have a stereotypical planner, I just have a wall calendar (It's a 5 Seconds of Summer one, don't judge! aha) and write all my deadlines and important dates on there as I see it every day whenever I'm in my room.

    Josephine Jade xox

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