20 July 2015

Peau Naturelle Organic Tea Tree Oil Facial Serum

I have always had oily skin, even now I'm in my twenties I still get more blemishes than I'd care to admit to.
Unfortunately, the temptation to hold back on moisturising oily skin as I did for many years during my teens can just make matters worse and you end up with skin that is dehydrated, dull and producing too much sebum to try and compensate for the lack of moisture.
I'm now extra careful to care for my skin and moisturise twice a day which is why I jumped at the chance to give the Peau Naturelle Tea Tree Oil Serum* a try.
Peau Naturelle is a UK based brand who make all of their products by hand with an emphasis on making natural and organic products available at a price that is affordable to all who want it.
The anti-blemish facial oil combines beautiful lavender, lemon and tea tree oils in a base of grapeseed and jojoba.. Together these create a powerful antiseptic formula due to the tea tree and lemon, whilst the lavender also soothes any existing blemishes or discomfort. Grapeseed and jojoba oils are both light dry oils which skin into the skin quickly and easily, allowing it to breathe whilst being gently moisturised without blocking pores. The ingredients are all organic and the product is 100% natural and Soil Association certified.
I have been using this oil once a day for almost a month now and have noticed a real difference in my skin. It feels a lot more comfortable and is also noticeably more plump and bright. I have still had a few blemishes pop up around "that time of the month" but they have been quick to heal and less prominent than usual. All you need is two drops which sink into the skin super quickly. I tend to do this before bed as a night serum so that it can work its magic whilst I sleep. I also find the scent fairly comforting.

Overall, I really rate this product, and for £9.99 a bottle, I think it is well worth a try for anyone who is feeling less than happy with their oily skin. Next I might have to give the Detoxifying Clay Masque a go :)

You can pick up  bottle of Organic Tea Tree Facial Serum *here*

Annie xx

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  1. This sounds fab, I love tea tree oil as an ingredient in skincare and anything that can treat blemishes and address oiliness is a winner for me!

    Jess xo