13 September 2016

Creating the Spread #1

I've had a fair few people commenting on my planner spreads and asking me where I get certain things and how I put them together so I thought I would start a series of posts and show you how I put my spreads together each week and show the bits and bobs I use some love.
I started making my pages from scratch because I couldn't find any inserts that I liked enough to justify buying them, so I decided to give it a go making some and found that I really loved the freedom it gave me. Every week is different and if I fancy a different colour or layout all I have to do is cut a piece of A4 paper in half and get creating.
I apologise now for the photos, I do most of my planning in the evening and my little office is under a bunk bed in our spare bedroom so natural light is in short supply! I always start off by laying out the page using washi tapes to separate the days and give a little decoration. The glitter washi and the gold washi at the top of the page both came from The Range. I can't find either on the website but I bought them recently so they should still be there! The Autumn Scene washi tape is stocked in my shop Three Little Búhos Stationery *here*.
The next step is to add the important bits and pieces that I know will be happening in the week such as appointments, events etc and my "task bar" which I usually put down the left hand side. That's where I list any important tasks, write the weekly menu and pop any other bits. My "This Week" stickers are a custom order from Isabelle the Owl *here*, the gradient checklist in the side bar is from Kelizabeth Plans *here* and the kawaii washing basket and rubbish bag are from Harriet Wright Designs *here*.
Now it's time to do all the writing and add in my mini to do lists for each day of the week. I know planners are meant to be practical things but the writing is my least favourite part so I keep it fairly simple! My mini to do lists, the additional boxes I've added and the little kawaii shopping essentials stickers that I've added...and actually the weekend banner and letterbox...are all from one of my very favourite Etsy shops; Lilac & Dot *here* and when the store re-opens, you can use the code ANNIE10 for 10% off your order.
And finally? Go sticker crazy! I've never liked big empty spaces so I do a lot of decorating in my planner. Any area that looks a bit bare gets a sticker shoved in it! Again, the majority of the stickers that I've used are from Lilac & Dot but the online shopping sticker and getting sh*t done sticker are from The Plump Planner *here* her store only opens at weekends but it is well worth checking out for some fun stickers. I also always finish my pages with the gold hole re-enforcers and by rounding the corners.

So that's how I create my week and the things I use to do it. I find it such a therapeutic thing to do and it feels good to cross things off the list as I do them.

Annie x


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  2. I was waiting for this post! Yayyy! This really is pretty cool and eye catching, i cant tell explain how good my week will look if i add all this colour and design to it!