7 September 2016

Famous Boy Wizard Subscription Box Review

Phew, it has been a busy week!
Three Little Búhos Stationery opened nearly a week ago and I am so happy with how it is going, thank you for all of your support. You can find the shop *here* if you haven't checked it out already!
Yesterday was also my birthday so I've done lots of celebrating over the last couple of days. I'm feeling the effects of that now!

Anyway, today I wanted to show you one of the best subscription boxes I've ever bought; the Famous Boy Wizard Box from Ugly Bug Does.
I grew up a massive Harry Potter fan and I still am. My first tattoo was a Harry Potter tribute, its on my pj's and now it's on my stationery!
What was included?
Ugly Bug Does make brilliant planner stickers, and in the Famous Boy Wizard box, you receive six sheets which offer enough stickers to create several weekly spreads, even if you are using them exclusively. I tend to mix and match stickers so there are enough in the box to last me a nice long time.
There is a novelty quill pen which made me smile when I opened my box. I haven't used it for writing much yet as I've been on the move a lot and its a little bulky for that, but its a fun addition that looks good in the pen pot on my desk, ready for writing a complaint letter to Hogwarts as I still haven't received my letter to offer me a place!

How cool is Lego keyring Voldemort?! As much as I would have loved to get Harry or Dumbledore, I love my little Voldemort and he has already been put to good use. The level of care that goes into making these boxes is really evident when you look closely at the keyrings. To avoid the worry of losing hands or legs etc, they have all been very carefully glued together by Ugly Bug Does owner, Michelle.

There is also a fab canvas pencil case with a Harry Potter joke written across the front. The geek in me loves this way too much! I've actually used it to hold all of my Ugly Bug Does stickers because it is a generous size and too good to waste on anything I won't be using often,
Ugly Bug Does boxes are always great value and offer something slightly unique. I love that the themes are always different to those that you would expect from most subscription services, I think that keeps them fresh.

You can still pick up a Famous Boy Wizard box *here* for £15 with free UK postage and you can also pre-order the October box.

For 10% discount on orders from Ugly Bug Does, use code THREELITTLEBUHOS10 at the checkout. The products are great so they are well worth it :)

Annie x


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