25 June 2011

Craft Stall :)

So, today was the day of my stall at the Midsomer Norton Medieval Family Day and it went pretty well even if I do say so myself! I sold, I met some nice people and I spent four hours listening to a barrel organ...which was...loud.
As promised I have some photos of my pretty little stall :)

I thought it looked really sweet, especially against the brick wall behind :)

What do you think? Pretty? Or need some improving? Any comments appreciated.
Annie x


  1. Looks fab hun! Did you sell many things?? I'm considering s craft fair at a local museum later in the year but I'm not sure. Think a bigger sign would be good, just a thought though :)
    Love your packaging!

  2. Thanks :) Yeah, sold lots of little pretties, including Peter the Penguin who I blogged about the other day :)
    Go for it! Fairs are so fun, even if you don't make loads of money. You meet some nice people, get lots of ideas and feedback and just have a laugh :) I'd recommend taking someone with you so you have someone to talk to and to cover you when nipping to the loo.
    I think I agree about the sign, it was a bit small, I just happened to have the blackboard at home and took it along.
    Thanks again,
    Annie x

  3. Glad you had a good day. Thanks for the tip, I have sent an enquiry email so we will see what happens :) Out of interest, did you sell more lower priced items or higher? I think I will probably take a mix of prices and designs of things to try and tempt people, maybe a few bowls of sweets as well.....hmm got me thinking now :)

  4. I sold lots of low cost items. My bobby pins which cost £1.50 per set sell well and badges priced at £2.50. My buyers are usually young girls buying with pocket money though. I would take a mix if I was you, you'll soon learn when you're there which are going to be most popular for future sales.
    I'd love to see photos of your stall when you do it. Out of interest, where in the country are you based?
    Annie x