3 July 2011

New Skill! Yay :)

Howdy folks!
Since starting my blog here, I have got very into virtual scrapping and I have to say that I think I'm actually getting to be alright at it :) I'm really enjoying using lots of pretty graphics I find here online and turning them into wonderful little collages. My new blog header that I added today (also pictured below) was my very first attempt using PhotoShop and I think it's really pretty. I have added lots of pretty little bits that I think show insight into my personality and a lovely photo I took of the OH on holiday in the winter.
Inspired by my success, I have also started to have a go at making photo frames, gift tags and lots of other pretties, and I'm loving it. I cannot believe how relaxing it is to sit here and play around with pretty images on my trusty laptop and creating collages without getting all covered in scraps of paper and glue. Definitely a new hobby of mine :) Below is the first photo frame that I made. It holds an old photo of one of my best friends and I from a great night <3
What do you think? I really enjoy doing this so would be happy to make blog headers or photo frames etc for people if you want any :) Just pop me a message!

Also, on an unrelated note, once again the making of peanut butter cups has had to be postponed as I realised I won't actually be home to eat them for the next three weeks!

Annie x

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